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Wildlife on the Fiji Islands

When you hear about luxury vacations in Fiji, what first comes to mind? It’s probably something to do with the gorgeous, sandy beaches and relaxing spas in the fine resorts. Not many people think of the wildlife on Fiji, or how exciting it can be to study and watch! Fiji Luxury Vacations have a lot to offer as far as rest and relaxation go, but if you haven’t yet learned about the area you’ll be visiting, now is the best time to do so!

A Peek Into The Fiji Islands Wildlife

Fiji is a beautiful destination for many reasons, and one of those main reasons is the world of the animals that inhabit it. From fishing to bird-watching, there are many ways to enjoy the native world of animals on the islands, and you’ll miss out if you don’t take the time to spell the tropical roses and catch some glimpses of these amazing creatures.

Many conservation areas, parks, and camps are set up to help educate tourists about the animals on Fiji, too.

Fiji Islands Animal Life

Do you like visiting the zoo where you live? What if you could see amazing species and creatures in real time, while on a luxury vacation? Patience and research will go a long way with spotting the precious animals in the wild, so keep your camera ready for a moment you’ll remember forever.


With over 50 native species of incredible birds in Fiji, the air is lit up with color and the forests are scattered with incredible flying magical creatures. The best place to catch sight of these magnificent beasts is Taveuni, home to up to 100 different species from both the islands and other nations.

Some of the birds are specific to certain islands only, so do your research beforehand if you plan on really getting into the bird watching while on your trip. The orange dove of Taveuni is a marvelous sight to catch!


The Fiji coral reefs are amazing. Snorkeling and scuba diving are two of the most popular water activities to do on your luxury vacation in the islands, and this is purely because of their collection of fish and vibrant aquatic life. In spectacular blues, yellows, oranges, greens, and reds, you can see a rainbow of native, exotic fish just under the surface.


Not everyone is a fan of the creepy crawlies, but the reptiles in Fiji are pretty amazing. The pacific boa constrictor is native to Fiji, along with the burrowing snake, and 2 types of iguanas are also found only on the islands in rare circumstances. Plus, while scuba diving, you may catch sight of one of the 4 native sea snakes that lurk in the waters.

The Fiji forests have tons of lizards and turtles, all unique and interesting in their own way, though perhaps a bit hard to find.


The bats on Fiji are an amazing kind, with 6 native only to the islands. Additionally, you’ll probably notice large, footed birds and goats wandering in secluded areas, too. The rare monkey-faced bat is an adorable, furry favorite!

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