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Why Taveuni is the Island of Choice for your Fiji Luxury Vacation

Located deep in the South Pacific, the island cluster known as Fiji actually consists of 333 discrete islands. While some aspects of the Fijian culture and experience are constant across all the islands—you can expect similar warm weather no matter where you go, for instance—the islands also feature many different qualities. And many of the Fijian islands boast luxury resorts that can provide you with a top quality vacation. So when you’re planning a trip to Fiji, your first step should be to learn about the different islands and what they have to offer.


In our opinion, you can’t do better than Taveuni when choosing a site for your vacation. We’re pleased to share the finer points of Fiji’s third largest island and show you why you should choose it as the site for your vacation.


The Call of the Wild

Taveuni is inarguably the place to be if you want to immerse yourself in nature. While there are plenty of outdoor experiences to explore on the other islands, Taveuni brings you the absolute best. Known as the Garden Island, its Bouma National Heritage Park makes up over a third of the island and is a perfect place to hike through and explore the lush jungle rainforest of Fiji. Taveuni is also well known as one of the best places to snorkel and scuba dive in the world, with some of the most beautiful reefs you can find anywhere.

A Laid Back Cultural Experience

Fiji’s largest island by far is Viti Levu, and it’s there you’ll find most of Fiji’s people, cities, and towns. But for a look at undeveloped Fiji and the lifestyle enjoyed by its inhabitants, you’ll need to choose a smaller island. That’s where Taveuni comes in. Discover a new way of life where locals still rely on the copra trade as the backbone of their economy. Only about 9000 people call Taveuni home, so take the opportunity to explore the island and see how they live.

Fiji Luxury Resorts

Although the local culture on Taveuni is undeveloped, you’ll find no lack of luxury when it comes to your resort. Here at Raiwasa, you’ll enjoy an all-inclusive Fiji resort experience. You’ll dine daily on meals prepared by our five star chefs, travel the island in your own private car with a chauffeur, gain knowledge from a cultural guide, and relax to soothing massages and spa treatments.  


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