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    Why Fiji Is The Best Vacation Destination

    When you think of a Fiji destination vacation, what first comes to mind? Luxury spa days, white sandy beaches, perfectly bottled Fiji water, and amazing feasts and festivals, right? The gorgeous Fiji trips you see in movies or hear about in the media may seem like they’d never fit into your humble life (or budget) but Fiji is actually the best place to sneak away for a getaway.

    Families, couples, friends, Spring Breakers, and singles all have tons of options in Fiji for a memorable, life-changing trip. In fact, for years, Fiji has been the #1 dream destination for thousands of travelers, and the tourists that flock to the beautiful islands yearly help prove this.

    So, why is Fiji so amazing? Here are the 4 reasons why Fiji remains the best destination for your luxury vacation.

    Why Fiji Wins The Title Of Best Destination for Vacations

    Need more convincing beyond the obvious selling points for Fiji? These 4 underrated vacation-related Fijian facts will help motivate you to book that trip and start saving up! You deserve to have the time of your life and everyone should get the privilege of seeing the Fiji islands at least once in their lifetime.

    1. The Ability To Customize Everything

    The gorgeous resorts that Fiji has become known for are only one small version of the vacation you could see become a reality for you. There are several different packages available for travelers to help make their trip the best it can be, and the services are designed to cater to your needs and make your vacation dreams come true.

    2. Flawless Weather During Summers Peak

    Due to Fiji’s location, the way seasons work on the islands are different than what is considered normal in most places. Americans especially enjoy the gorgeous Fiji summer weather and enjoy sneaking away for romantic vacations. The summer season in Fiji is cooler, yet still bright and sunny, in the tourist months as opposed to the wet, stormy winter months where the heat intensifies. Being so close to the equator makes this dream weather possible!

    3. Endless Options for Activities

    The athletic, the foodies, the swimmers, the wildlife fans, and everyone in between can find something fun to do in Fiji. Some of the few options offered for the tourists include:

    • Snorkeling & scuba diving
    • Sailing
    • Hiking & biking
    • Spa days
    • Festivals & feasts
    • Classes

    But there is so much more out there to try out, making it perfect for anyone with any number of interests and skills.

    4. The Sweetest Locals Anywhere

    Fiji natives love the tourists that their welcoming island brings in annually. In fact, they host feasts and parties open to the travelers and love to socialize and educate. Trips to Europe, Asia, and other continents often come with warnings about being alone or getting too involved with the locals… but there is never a reason to fear when you’re in Fiji. The nice attitudes and bright personalities of the Fiji locals is one major reason why so many travelers return again and again!