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    Why Couples Should Visit a Fiji Resort

    When you picture the ideal romantic vacation, everyone will have a different vision. Some picture a European version of romance with Paris and Verona, while others yet think of mountains and secluded cottages.

    For those who picture white, sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, waves, spa days, and luxury resorts; Fiji is your perfect destination.

    But there is a lot more to a romantic tropical getaway than just packing a bag and hopping on a plane heading to the islands. You need to be selective in where you stay and the activities you want to enjoy, especially when it comes to your Fiji resort. Choosing a luxury villa for your couples vacation in Fiji can bring you the best experience possible that the beautiful islands have to offer.

    Why Couples Should Choose A Fiji Luxury Resort

    The best Fiji resorts for couples are dedicated to working hard to proving a premium experience to every happy couple that comes through their doors. If you’re hoping to travel together and have a romantic celebration for an anniversary, a honeymoon, or any occasion; Fiji is an excellent choice, and Raiwasa’s villas are a wonderful place to rest your head at night and enjoy your stay.

    Exciting Activities

    Fiji is home to dozens of ways to get involved with the tropical appeal of the islands with exciting activities to engage in. Resorts for couples in Fiji will have house offers for relaxation and restoration with built-in spa and massage parlors. Plus, private balconies, beaches, pools, and views dedicated for you and your sweetheart to enjoy without the stress from other guests or large families.

    Many activities that are enjoyed by eager couples include;

    • Water sports (kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, swimming…)
    • Sight-seeing
    • Hiking
    • Pearl Farm Tours
    • Stargazing
    • Spa & Massages

    Attentive, Caring Staff

    Raiwasa’s staff is a small, closely-knit group of Fiji natives who truly adore their home and the visitors they’re given the opportunity to meet. At your Fiji resort, you will be welcomed in as part of the family, where your needs are placed with utmost priority. More than 20 years of incredible service backs up our ability to serve you on your special, romantic holiday.

    Gorgeous Scenery & Ultimate Connection

    Bonding happens naturally with the Fiji sky and beach as your backdrop. You will never find beaches as clean and beautiful as the Taveuni beaches, duly dubbed the Garden Island by Fiji natives. It’s wildlife is to die for, and you’ll be overwhelmed with the gorgeous sights.

    Culture Immersion

    What could be more fun and enriching to do as a couple than dive into a whole new world, unlike your own? Attending the festivals, banquets, events, and ceremonies on the Fiji islands will give you a peek into how a tropical world functions, and fill you with wonder and excitement for the world. Making these valuable memories with your honey is a priceless and truly memorable event.