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    Where to Stay in Fiji

    Planning your trip to Fiji for your next vacation? Make sure you don’t miss out on the best place to experience the exotic islands for yourself: Taveuni! The island of Taveuni is one of the largest in the Fiji’s islands, and arguably the best place to stay for a luxury vacation while still getting the full, authentic experience of the tropical world.

    Fiji’s Third Largest Island: Taveuni

    The quest for discovering where to stay in Fiji will end when you get a taste of what Taveuni has to offer. With 60% of Taveuni land being covered in tropical forest and luscious wildlife, it offers the most beautiful, visual experience that Fiji has to offer. Active marine and birdlife, plenty of rental vacation destinations, and gorgeous waters pair nicely with the flawless climate, kind locals, and rich culture of Fiji history.

    Since Taveuni is one of the best destinations, if not the top one, for tourists from all over the world, the list of activities to do are endless. Ceremonies, festivals, feasts, and tours are all offered year-round, with availability depending on season and demand. Raiwasa’s own resort is located on this expansive, stunning island, tucked away with the rest of Taveuni’s bountiful offering.

    Treasures of Taveuni

    Why is it so many people flock to Taveuni when visiting the Fiji islands? There are many amazing things about this gorgeous island, but there are a few particular reasons that really stand out and make all the difference for tourists. Not only can Taveuni offers a truly authentic and genuine experience with immersive culture and breathtaking scenery, it’s also home to some of the best resorts in Fiji – including Raiwasa.

    Flora & Fauna of the Garden Island

    What has made Taveuni so known is their gorgeous plant life which covers well over half of the island. Fans of nature will appreciate the rich vegetarian and colorful scenery, while athletic types will never fail to find something outdoorsy to enjoy doing.


    The rich history of Taveuni, and the Fiji islands in general, is an exciting learning experience. As far as age goes, Fiji is fairly new to independence. They only gained it in 1970, which has Taveuni such a unique location to visit and learn about the local and their lifestyle.

    Aquatic Life

    Like with the wildlife and natural gardens, Taveuni is just as exciting in the water as it is when out of it. Rare fish, beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, and plenty of opportunities for fishing, snorkeling, or scuba diving will connect you with the Taveuni water world.

    Weather & Temperature

    Finally, one of the best parts of Taveuni island is the ideal weather that lasts year round. When the seasons change, it affects Taveuni very little. The surrounding water helps keep the island protected from major weather changes or drops in temperature, so Taveuni is perfect to visit at any point during the year, even when it’s the off-season for tourism.