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    Where is Fiji located?

    If you’re trying to find Fiji on a map, you’ll first want to locate the Pacific Ocean. The Fiji islands are included in the continent of Oceania, that rests within that body of water. When looking at a map or a globe, you can find where Fiji is fairly easily when you know where to look!

    In the South Pacific, North near New Zealand and Australia, you can start looking for Fiji. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Fiji is much more than just an island – it’s actually a collection of over 300 of them! Of course, not all of these islands can be sustainable for human life. Many of these bodies are made up of coral reef debris or other land formations that aren’t able to host life.

    For the exact Fiji island location, the coordinates are around 18 000 S, 175 00 E. The two biggest islands will be the most obvious on a map or globe; Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

    3 Fun Facts About The Fiji Islands

    So now that you can pinpoint these beautiful tropics on any map, as well as identify the surrounding locations of Oceania and other nearby coastal continents and countries, it’s time to learn even more fascinating things about Fiji and it’s tropical islands!

    The Republic of Fiji has been a source of incredible tropical culture and a luxury destination for many vacationers on holiday or celebrating romantic life milestones. There is a lot these islands offer, and the more you know, the stronger the craving for a true, sandy trip will be!

    1. Fiji Stands Entirely Alone!

    None of the land borders of Fiji touch anything but water, which is what makes it entirely a nation of islands. Some believe this makes Fiji abnormally tough to reach, since you can’t simply drive or catch a train, but there are several flights and water transportation methods that can get you to the Fiji islands, and throughout the other islands in the ocean.

    2. Taveuni Is The Garden Island

    Though the two main islands of Fiji, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, get the most attention, it’s actually the third largest island of Fiji that should be praised the most. Taveuni is known for its brilliance in colors, vibrancy, wildlife, culture, and home to one of the best luxury resorts in the entire nation. At the Raiwasa Grand Villa, you get access to so much that the nation has to offer, plus experience the beauty of this Fijian island.

    3. Only 10% of Fiji Is Actually Land

    Believe it or not, most of the expansive nation of Fiji is actually the ocean. Between the several islands dotting the perimeter of the country, only a very small section is considered inhabitable land. Perhaps this is why water activities and sports are such a common activity on these islands! You have the beautiful South Pacific ocean everywhere you look, so why not take advantage of those crashing waves and constant, sprawling white sandy beaches?