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When to Travel to Fiji for the Best Weather

The islands of Fiji are famous for being a tropical paradise. No matter when you plan your vacation, you can expect warm sun coupled with island breezes, hot days and balmy nights, and the perfect weather to encourage you to get outdoors. If you’re coming from less hospitable climates, this will enhance your vacation tenfold.


But there are things to be mindful of. Although the Fijian weather is welcoming all year long, there are seasons during which you can anticipate certain inclement conditions. Plan your trip at the correct time to ensure the maximum amount of time taking advantage of the amenities offered by villas with private pools in Fiji.


The Rainy Season

The months of November, December, January, February, March, and April represent a peak time for many vacationers. After all, for those of us living in America, the weather is cold and snowy and definitely worth escaping. These months also line up with school holidays such as winter and spring breaks, making them an ideal time for families to get away. And because many weddings happen in the spring, honeymooners may be looking for a trip in March and April as well. But use caution. This stretch of months is rain season in Fiji, and if you envision spending every day lying on the beach, a sudden downpour might get in your way. However, if you don’t mind splitting up your outdoor time with time spent inside, go ahead and book.  At the end of the day Fiji is tropical and the garden island is the lushest of Fijian islands so you can expect it might rain this should not deter you from doing many activities around the island.



The Dry Season

The weather is best in Fiji between May and September, when precipitation dries up for the winter. Although these are the cooler months in the southern hemisphere, go ahead and rent villas with private pools in Fiji—it will remain warm enough to enjoy swimming. You’ll be able to get out on the beach as well, and enjoy Fiji’s many water activities. However, prices may be higher during this season because it’s more appealing to tourists and because it encompasses the summer months in much of the world—another popular time to travel.


So When Should I Go?

Our recommendation? Plan your trip during the shoulder seasons—April to May or September to October. Prices will be lower, but you’ll still be able to take advantage of fairly good weather. And a private resort in Fiji is an easy thing to enjoy at any time of the year. Reach out and let us know if you have any questions we can answer.   

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