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When is the best time to visit Fiji?

Though Fiji is a gorgeous location to visit year round, you can plan your vacation to fit the best time the islands have to offer. Part of this time is based on what you prioritize and what sort of experience you’re hoping to have, and it can change based on budget demands as well. However, there is one perfect, pristine time of year to travel to Fiji… and that’s the secret you’re about to learn!

The Best Months To Spend in Fiji

When you choose a resort, your Fiji luxury accommodation will do it’s best to ensure you have the best time there despite what time of year it is, but their efforts can only go so far. Picking one of these 4 months for your stay will elevate the trip beyond the imaginable.

Make a point of planning your Fiji vacation during one of these months, or as close to it as possible:

  • May
  • June
  • September
  • October

These months represent the Fiji “dry season”, which means less humidity, less rain, and more of that beautiful sunshine to highlight your lazy beach days and water activities. Plus, these 4 months are not considered the busy season, since the fall away from traditional holidays and school break sessions, so the prices of resorts of amenities are lower.

Cheapest Months To Book Your Luxury Resort

If your main goal is to save money when it comes to planes, boats, lodging, and other tourist activities, you’ll want to forget what you heard about May-October being ideal. Prices plummet during the wet season, so the best deals can be found in the months of:

  • November
  • January
  • February

Maybe plan a romantic Valentine’s Getaway? Just be prepared for some overcast weather, lazy days at the spa while it rains, and a bit of humidity!

The Winning Month

Do you want a simple, straight-forward answer about the absolute best time to book your stay in Fiji? The winner has to be… May.

It’s right at the end of the wet season, which marks a happy end to the potentially dangerous weather, and the locals begin to get excited for the next few busy months of tourism. The islands are fresh and beginning to open up for the world to come and enjoy them, and the weather is at it’s finest.

When To Avoid Fiji

If you can’t make it during the 4 ideal months for a Fiji luxury vacation, you can at least try to avoid the worst times.

November – April

Most commonly known as the “wet season”, cyclones and other weather horrors are more frequent, and you’ll see many more dreary, rainy days with thick humidity. If your trip is during these months, don’t despair! You’re getting a great price for your trip, and there are plenty of ways to enjoy the rainy days.

July & December

Unfortunately, planning a vacation during these two peak months will be very expensive, and the most crowded you’ll see Fiji. School breaks, holidays, and lots of tourist attractions open during these months bring in the crowds. Plus, with December being in the middle of the wet season anyway, it’s not the best idea to spend Christmas on the Fiji beaches.

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