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What to do at Night on your Fiji Luxury Vacation

As part of your Fiji luxury vacation, you want to make sure that not even a moment is wasted. After all, this might be a once in a lifetime trip. And while it’s possible that the busy and active days will have you feeling so tired that you’ll be ready to hit the hay as soon as the sun goes down, you may also want to take the opportunity to explore Fiji after dark.


Of course, the country’s offerings differ greatly at night. You won’t be able to try such daytime activities as snorkeling or paddleboarding after the moon is out. So what is there to do, and where should you turn your attention?


Fijian Nightlife

Nightlife in Fiji is generally found on the country’s largest island, Viti Levu, where the majority of its citizens live. Explore around the cities of Nadi and Suva for popular bars and clubs. A good idea is to ask at your resort for recommendations of where to go—it’s never a good idea to be wandering the streets of any city at night. Your resort will likely also be able to help you obtain a ride to the place you’re heading.


Be advised that while island casual dress is the order of the day in Fiji, when the sun goes down slightly nicer apparel is expected. Leave the Hawaiian shirts and bikini tops at the resort and put on pants or sundresses.



If you prefer to take it slow after dark, the Fijian night sky is not one to miss. Fiji boasts some of the finest stargazing in the world thanks to its positioning far from any large cities, and you’ll be able to see a much more brilliant tableau than you’re probably used to back home. Your luxury resort will likely provide an optimal place to lie back and enjoy the view of the night sky. While you take it in, reflect on how the Polynesians used the stars to navigate as they sailed through the South Pacific.


Cultural Ceremonies

Often, night is the perfect time for a Fijian cultural ceremony like a kava ceremony or a fire walking show. Your luxury resort may host these events. If not, they can certainly tell you where to go to see and/or take part, and can provide you with assistance reaching your destination. Don’t miss out on these pieces of Fijian culture.


The fun doesn’t stop in Fiji, even when the sun goes down. Make the most of your Fiji luxury vacation.