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What Taveuni Offers Tourists

Though the nation of Fiji is more than 300 islands all scattered across the beautiful waters, there is one island in particular that is adored above others as a perfect spot for a tropical getaway holiday. The island of Taveuni holds unbelievable sights, experiences, culture, and luxury at your fingertips, but don’t just believe that without some proof!

If you’re planning a Fiji luxury vacation, take the time to explore the possibilities Taveuni has to offer you. This Garden Island may be the perfect location for your holiday and you didn’t even know it!

Explore Taveuni

As the 3rd largest Fiji island and undoubtedly the most beautiful, Taveuni is popularly labeled the Garden Island, and has so much to offer the thousands of tourists a year. 60% of the island is covered in the thick jungle forests and wide open, luxurious beaches create the rest of it.

Best Taveuni Places To Visit

  1. Jungle
  2. The Ocean
  3. Waterfalls
  4. Beaches

All of the wildlife in Taveuni is active, beautiful, and looks like it’s straight out of an exotic zoo. From fantastic birds of the sky to the colorful, bizarre fish in the sea, Taveuni has something new and startling beautiful each day.

The beaches are clean, sunny, and perfect for catching rays and enjoying the breeze off the ocean. Water is clear and sparkling across for miles, and there is a multitude of activities you can do both land or in the sea.

Best Things To Do In Taveuni

If you’re choosing Taveuni to stay, you have tons to choose from when it comes to exciting activities and ways to pass the days on the island.

1. Stay At A Luxury Resort

A few of the best-rated all inclusive resorts sit on the island of Taveuni and offer everything from private villas with secluded pools, perfect views, amazing food, and plenty of fun in the sun and relaxation.

2. Experience The Fine Dining

From the new exotic tastes and options for your plate to be filled with incredible, classic dishes made by the best chefs and cooks in the nation, your tastebuds will never be the same after trying to Fiji cuisine. Taveuni has the best dishes to offer, especially when it comes to authentic seafood.

3. Attend A Cultural Celebration

Ceremonies take place on the island of Taveuni frequently, since it’s well populated with both the tourist community and the natives of Fiji. Dancing, ceremonial activities, live music, and plenty of food and games are available during these traditional festivals, and they love visitors to share the fun with!

4. Take A Guided Hike

You can’t pass up the chance to explore the thick jungle on the mainland of Taveuni. It isn’t dubbed the Garden Island without reason, and with many of the guided, safe hikes through the vegetation and wildlife, you can see everything there is to be offered to the tourists.

5. Peek Into The Water

Scuba diving, snorkeling, fishing, and boating are just a few of the ways you can get a little wet and open your eyes up to the untold beauties of the marine life under the beautiful, relaxing waves.

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