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    What is the Pearl Farm Tour in Fiji

    Looking for new, exciting activities to do in Fiji during your dream vacation there to the gorgeous sandy beaches? One of the biggest wonders of Fiji that is enjoyed around the world and helps contribute to the mythical, luxurious affect the islands have is the Pearl harvest.

    The Fiji Pearl Farm Tour

    Much like the name suggests, Pearl Farm tours in Fiji include an exclusive look at the process of producing high-quality, rare pearls from the waters just off of the ocean. From the history of Pearl Farming, the first men to pave the way for others to follow and create an industry, and real live close-up looks at the pearl oysters used.

    There are many different processes and tasks to learn about and observe when it comes to the production of pearls. From growth, cleaning, surgical seeding, and harvesting, you can see a variety of activity happening on the Pearl Farm depending on the time of year your visit falls on.

    During the tour, you will be given access to a cruise that takes you right along the viewing area for the pearl oysters as they grow and nurture the pearl inside, and get to see the crew members working hard to keep the environment for the pearls perfect. A gift shop or jewelry store will give you the opportunity to see rare, authentic Fiji pearls for yourself and even purchase a gorgeous piece as a souvenir.

    Seeding & Harvesting Seasons

    The beginning and ending of the pearl harvesting process are the most exciting parts of the job. April – May is when the seeding begins, with surgical operations to culture oysters for the pearl growth. AFter that, October – November is the time to visit so you can see the gorgeous gems carefully taken from their oyster host and polished and shined for the use of many across the world who adore the look of the precious stones.

    These times are the best to schedule your tour, but it’ll also have longer waiting lists and limited availability, so start your planning early!

    Snorkeling On The Tour

    Many tours give guests the option to snorkel, depending on the season and weather, as well as the skill of the snorkeler and the availability of staff on hand to monitor the activity. If this interests you, ask ahead of time and aim for a tour that will be ideal for snorkeling for an up-close look at the oysters.

    Booking A Pearl Farm Tour

    Depending on the luxury Fiji destination resort you choose to stay at one of their recommended house activities may include sign-ups for a Pearl Tour locally. Many of the pearl farms partner with popular Fiji destination locations, so you may find special deals, offers, or tour types directly through your resort of choice.

    If getting a pearl farm tour is important to you, talk with your potential resort hosts about what they have to offer when it comes to related activities. It may help you decide which of the amazing spots in Fiji for tourists is best for you to lay your head.

    Always try to book in advance to ensure your spot is reserved for you and your traveling companions during the time period you’re in Fiji.