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    What is the culture of Fiji?

    For many of our guests at the Raiwasa Grand Villa, we get asked a lot of questions about the local culture and history of the Fiji islands, and Taveuni in particular. One of the greatest benefits of visiting Fiji and staying at our resort is the ability to fully immerse yourself in the world of this nation, and get a taste of how tropics natives live in Oceania here in the South Pacific ocean.

    What To Expect: Fiji Culture

    The exciting part about Fiji’s History and Culture is that it’s a very inclusive nation. Much of the natives’ beliefs, practices, ceremonies, and activities come from other close by regions, such as China and Indonesia. This collective culture is a great way to experience the tropics in a new light, while also enjoying some high quality, luxury rest and relaxation at your resort. All of our staff at the Grand Villa are eager to make your stay a comfortable one, so you can find a great balance of the familiarity of home as well as the intriguing differences in culture and history.

    Checking out a Fijan museum of history is another great way to learn more about the islands where you’re staying! Lots of rich history is kept hidden in these small troves of cultural treasure, so don’t hesitate to ask the staff or a guide where to go exploring for more culture and information.

    Exploring The Villages

    When you’re visiting the villages, you won’t be expected to be fully authentic and in the know of everything that is considered culturally acceptable. For the most part, Fijans are very understanding and love and welcome tourists! It’s important to remember to show respect, especially to the elders, which can be done by removing hats, staying modest in your clothing, and being polite. A lot of Asian culture is seen in Fiji, including the removal of shoes when entering a home, or going the extra mile to be considerate to others.

    Your guide will also provide you with all of the information you need to know when exploring the villages.

    Enjoying The Ceremonies

    Sometimes you get the incredible opportunity to join a festive gathering! At the Raiwasa Grand Villa, we like to include this event with some of our packages. The LOVO is a feast that is hosted by the island natives and it’s the best way to see culture in action, up close and personal. Plus, the food is incredible, and not something to skip.

    Many different religions and spiritual practices are common in Fiji, so the exact amount of ceremonies varies, depending on the year and holiday schedule at the time.

    Learning The Language

    For the most part, everyone speaks English! This is great for tourists and travelers who are worried about a language barrier. You will also get to hear a selection of other languages in passing, such as Hindi or Fijan, but most locals will have no problem communicating with you.

    Fijians are also very excited to share their language with you, and will take the time to explain the idocrisies within Fijan. After a couple of times trying, you’ll get the hang of it without a hitch!