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    What Is Included With Luxury Villa Rentals in Fiji?

    You’d be surprised at how truly accommodating luxury villa rentals in Fiji have become! Not everyone quite understands what you recieve when you stay at one of these dreamy destinations, and while the initial price point may be off putting at first glance, getting a glimpse of what all is included may help you understand the major benefit and experience you’ll be getting. With the many lodging options that Fiji has to offer, Raiwasa has steadily provided a consistently pleasurable experiences that have been spoken of highly by many of their past guests.

    Curious about what all you would receive with your luxury villa rental in Fiji? Learn more about Raiwasa’s Grand Villa, all the ways you can relax and get pampered, the many activities you can enjoy, and the great dining experiences offered by the resort.

    Your Stay At A Luxury Villa with Raiwasa

    When it comes to your lodging experience, you have a variety of villa options to consider. Private villas offer a little more of a cozy, intimate atmosphere which is great for couples and romantic getaways. Beach villas are a bit larger, and our Grand Villa is the crown jewel of all of our resort offers.

    With each rental, you’ll be getting exclusive access to an incredible, authentic Fiji experience, immersive with culture and activity. Learn a little more about what you’ll get bundled with your luxury villa rental and discover why it’s worth booking!

    Amenities & Accomodation

    Free WiFi, air-conditioning, several pools and beaches, easy ocean access, and exceptional privacy are all offered and fully covered under your rental. Each villa will have something a little different to offer, but most will feature expansive bedrooms, open kitchens, large outdoor decks, and scenic ocean views.


    House and island activities are offered and covered in your rental, depending on which villa and package is chosen, as well as your time of visit. Seasonal changes may affect the availability of specific adventures, so please plan accordingly!


    Your meals are included in your stay. This is a big factor that does drive up the daily costs that contribute to your total, but the Fiji cuisine is worth it. Enjoy sit-down dining events, hearty breakfast meals, and a selection of delicious snacks during the day.

    Excellent Service

    Our staff is family, and you’ll like you become a part of what we aim to create here at our luxury villas. Everyone we employ is highly experienced, with bright and welcoming personalities, and a dedication to our services. The customer satisfaction with the service they received at their luxury villa rental is always mentioned in every one of the great reviews that are left for us.


    Worrying about getting from point A to point B isn’t a concern with us. We’ll pick you up and drop you off at the airport, as well as complimentary transportation with an air-conditioned vehicle for resort-offered activities and events.