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Water Activities on the Fiji Islands

If you’re planning an all inclusive Fiji vacation, you’ve probably already begun thinking about how you’re going to fill your days. Will you visit the city or seek out a massage at the resort spa? Will you hit the pool or go out to the beach? There are so many options that await you, and you want to make the choices that best suit your family.


Whatever you choose, though, you’ll want to pack a swimsuit. There are so many wonderful water activities to enjoy in Fiji that you can’t really claim to have had the full Fijian experience without taking part in a few of them. An all inclusive Fiji trip is the perfect time to try any of these activities.


Snorkeling and SCUBA Diving

Fiji is a world class dive site known for its beautiful coral reefs. Experienced divers will find plenty to challenge them beneath the shining surface of the Fijian waters. But if you’re a beginning diver, or even someone who’s never tried it before, don’t let that deter you! Sign up for a class and learn basic SCUBA skills. You’ll discover a world like nothing you’d ever imagined.


If SCUBA isn’t your speed—maybe you prefer a more relaxed adventure, or maybe you’re traveling with small children who aren’t ready for such an intense activity—you’ll still have an opportunity to view Fiji’s beautiful marine life. Rent some snorkel gear and dive in. You’ll love exploring the bright coral and visiting the beautiful tropical fish.


Natural Waterslides

Do you and your family enjoy water parks back home? You haven’t seen anything yet! Fiji is abundant with natural waterslides. These gentle waterfalls are often frequented by locals who can demonstrate for you how to slide down and into the natural pools of water at the bottom. Visit Waitlava on Taveuni for a great experience in the middle of a lush rainforest. The best time to go is after rain has fallen, so wait out the storm by taking advantage of the amenities at your all inclusive fiji resort and then head out into the forest to enjoy the slides.


Kayaking and Paddleboarding

Journey around the coast and take in the marvelous views. Most all inclusive Fiji packages will include the use of water equipment such as paddleboards and kayaks. It’s the perfect opportunity to explore a little more of the beautiful setting in which you find yourself, or to get away for a quick romantic day trip with a loved one.


However you choose to spend your time on Fiji, you can be sure that you’ll create memories that will stay with you forever. Contact us to begin planning a trip today.