Romantic Getaway

Fiji is one the most romantic destinations in the world. It is incredibly popular for weddings, honeymoons, anniversaries, and romantic getaways that we have to highlight this aspect of the islands. In fact, we believe Fiji is the best place to go if you are looking to stoke or rekindle your love. Here’s why.

Fiji is a great location to do absolutely nothing at all. This is a place for lazy morning and long walks on the beach. When you are in Fiji, there are no calls to take, no emails to answer, and if you so choose, no children waiting for a bedtime story. It is a place of true vacation, and that means it’s time to power down your devices, step away from the office, put daily life on hold, and spend quality time with your significant other.

At a top Fiji resort, like Raiwasa, we try to facilitate this special time together by eliminating some of the other distractions and inconveniences. You have our private property all to yourself and aren’t tied to any particular schedule. There won’t be other guests interrupting your afternoon swim or telling you cocktail hour has concluded. Our staff of 12 is discrete and practically invisible during your stay – the only time you will see anyone else on the property is magically and appropriately when you need something.

Fueling Romance in Fiji

Here are some other ways we hope guests fuel the romance while in Fiji.

Breakfast in bed is one of those wonderful traditions that we frequently reserve for special occasions. It feels luxurious and indulgent to have a delicious meal delivered right to your bedroom door, and that makes it a lovely way to grab another hour of romance in the morning. Plus, breakfast in bed is extra special in Fiji with your room offering views of the South Pacific Ocean or gorgeous Fijian jungle and no dishes to do afterwards.

Looking to rekindle the romance in your marriage? Renewing your vows on a stunning Fiji cliffside or private beach couldn’t be more perfect. Whether you want to share the moment with a few friends and family or sneak away for an intimate renewal, the lush island of Taveuni has some of Fiji’s most beautiful vistas for the occasion.

Far too often, couples head off on a romantic vacation with ideas of outstanding adventures and fast-paced experiences. Peppering your trip with these exciting moments is all well and good, but stay mindful that many of these adventures distract you from your partner.

Most importantly, we’ve found that Fiji is a destination designed to shut out the outside world. It is natural and simple to snuggle into your private space here in Fiji and forget the challenges and complications at home exist.


Romantic Events in Fiji

Wondering if you should choose Fiji for your next romantic vacation? Here are a few events that happen every, single day in these islands.

Fiji is not only known for love, it is known for starting love stories. A number of people choose Fiji for a destination wedding – and here’s why. Fiji is a great wedding destination at anytime of the year. The sunsets and beaches are stunning all year long, and if you are looking for something different, the jungle and native flowers are a fantastic backdrop for your vows.

Another reason to choose Fiji for a destination wedding is the top quality hospitality provided by the private resorts and other properties on the islands. Fiji is known for its incredible hospitality and warm welcome, the atmosphere for your wedding will be no different. You can also capture some stunning photos at these gorgeous resort properties.

Many destinations offer all-inclusive packages for couples and groups that can offset the costs for your guests. These prepaid or previously determined rates let your friends and family come to the wedding without unexpected costs. Finally, a wedding is Fiji is more than a single day celebrating, you can curate an entire experience and vacation for your friends and family.

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