Family Vacation in Fiji

If coming to Fiji for a romantic getaway is a natural inclination, then planning a family vacation in Fiji is probably far from your mind. Yet, the Fijian Islands are a fantastic place for a family trip. Not only are there tons of activities for children and young adults, Fiji offers some exceptional benefits for families.

Fiji is safe. Often, families find that they are stuck behind the walls of a resort property without an option to explore or venture into local areas. This isn’t the case on Fiji and especially Taveuni. The islands have very low crime rates and violent crime is incredibly rare. Families can explore the entirety of an island without worrying about safety concerns. There are also few health concerns when coming to Fiji.

Fiji is a unique experience. The culture in Fiji is very different from your neighborhood or city back home. The incredible culture, traditions, and customs are unique and fascinating, and children are equally amazed by these new experiences. Even young children will have small memories and lasting impression of this exciting and different location. These experiences create an impact that will last a lifetime.

Fiji welcomes young children. The locals in Fiji adore children. If you choose Fiji as a family destination be prepared for comments on how beautiful your child is or questions about a child’s age or interests. Fijians are naturally drawn to children and actively seek out time with them. Whether you are exiting the airport or on a village tour, don’t be surprised if a local gives your family extra time and attention because you have young children.

Fiji has options. There are so many different activities available for families in Fiji, but the option of an all-inclusive resort means not everyone is tied to the same choices. Some members of your family may want an active vacation filled with hikes and kayak excursions, while other kids just want to take it easy and spend afternoons by the swimming pool. You can have it all when in Fiji.

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