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    Top Reasons to Travel to Fiji

    Luxury vacations to the grand Fiji islands have been a dream for many; honeymoon, spring break, graduation, anniversaries, and more special occasions are all driving forces that bring the tourists over in floods. Beautiful resorts and vacation villas become pleasantly full with happy travelers, eager to explore the depths of the exotic Fiji world.

    But what are the best parts about these trips?

    Top 5 Reasons To Visit Fiji

    If you’re hoping to travel to Fiji, you probably don’t need more convincing, but getting more excited about the top five reasons tourists choose Fiji is their special location for any special occasion holds no shame!

    Learn more about the best five things Fiji tourists enjoy during their travels.

    1. The Sights

    The first and most obvious reason that Fiji is so commonly chosen as the dream destination for romantic couples and eager friend groups is the sheer beauty of the islands. Raiwasa’s Grand Villa is located on the garden island of Fiji, Taveuni. Wildlife is vast, green, lushious, and gorgeous on this area of the country, and the beaches are white and sprawl on for miles. You’ll get a great experience with nature, bird-watching, and the opportunity to get up close and personal with the colorful array of marine life.

    Enjoying hikes, bike riding trails, and other activities out on the islands will give you even more chances to enjoy the breathtaking setting that the island and our luxury villa provides.

    2. The Culture

    Any new place you visit is going to be captivating with its immersive environment, and Fiji is especially rich in culture. Many festivals, ceremonies, banquets, and more are hosted frequently along with many other events. The natives had gotten a reputation for being warm and welcoming, much like our team of staff at Raiwasa, which has truly become a family through our dedication to service.

    3. The Food

    Many tourists have admitted that the Fiji cuisine has become one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of their vacation. Traditional dishes to the island include lots of seafood, savory spices, vegetables, and unique infusions of coconut flavor. Many of the delicacies you’ll find easily are unique and widely enjoyed, from lovo to kokodo.

    4. The Activities

    On Fiji, there is a massive amount of things to do and experiences to enjoy. From the many house activities you’ll get to participate in at your Grand Villa to the many fun things to do on the island itself, boredom won’t be a factor for your trip. Water sports like snorkeling, sailing, swimming, kayaking, and scuba diving are all very popular activities, along with educational events such as the Pearl Farm Tours.

    5. The Grand Villa

    When you stay with us at Raiwasa, you’ll get the luxury of enjoying the amenities of our Grand Villa. With excellent service, amazing dining options, fun and games hosted daily, and a ton of great, relaxing spa benefits — your resort may end up being the highlight of your trip.