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Things to do in Fiji in the Cities

Fantasizing about a trip to Fiji? No doubt you’re thinking about lying out on the beautiful Fiji beaches and exploring all the wildlife on the beautiful Fiji islands. You’re probably conceiving of your trip as a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and relax somewhere quiet and peaceful. And you’re right to think of it that way. The islands of Fiji are one of the most relaxing places in the world, and you’re sure to feel rejuvenated by your trip.


But the beautiful places in Fiji aren’t limited to beaches and forests. You’ve also got an opportunity to soak up the Fijian culture by paying a visit to one or more of Fiji’s many cities. And there are plenty of unique and wonderful experiences waiting there for you.


Observe the Fire Walking Festival

Held annually in Suva, Fiji’s largest city, the South Indian Fire Walking Festival is a religious ceremony that observers are welcome to sit in on. As part of the devotion, participants walk over a bed of hot ash and coals. This practice is observed in either July or August of every year and provides visitors with a unique look at Fijian culture and religious practice. Learn all you can about this Hindu practice before attending and make sure you demonstrate proper respect if you choose to observe.


Sample Fijian Cuisine

Indian food can be spicy, so watch your taste buds—but don’t leave Fiji without getting into a nearby city and seeing what the locals eat! Dining at your Fijian resort will no doubt be a wonderful experience, and you’re sure to experience authentic local flavors, but there’s no substitute for the experience of eating street food in the city. Come hungry and prepared to sample several different dishes as you move through the city. Be advised that the drinking age in Fiji is 18 and plan accordingly: if you are traveling with an 18 year old and you don’t want them to purchase alcohol, it will be your party’s responsibility to make sure that doesn’t happen.


Take a Tour Through the Village of Somosomo

The island of Taveuni is not home to many cities, but you can arrange a tour through the small village of Somosomo for a truly authentic experience. This small settlement boasts political significance as the headquarters of the island’s highest ranking chief. It also serves as the commercial heart of Taveuni. A visit to the village will give you a look at a Fiji few people ever see.


Make sure your trip to Fiji consists of plenty of variety! See the cities in between days on the beach—you’ll be glad you did.  


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