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All Inclusive Fiji Honeymoon

Due to the threat of tropical storms and the horror stories of tycoons in Fiji, many are reluctant to visit the beautiful country during the rainy season. While it’s true that this stormy weather may offer some minor risks, there hasn’t been a major tropical storm in Fiji for a while.

Even better, the prices for resorts and Private Villas In Fiji are lower than ever during the “off season”, especially during that rainy weather. You could still get an amazing vacation and a memorable trip with a little bit of rain.

When Is The Rainy Season in Fiji

Rain in Fiji is most common between the long period of December to April. The most cyclones have happened as early as November, but they usually clear up long before April and the rainy weather ends.

In January, February, and March, the prices are the best and the lowest point of the year. You can catch some of the rainy sunny rays and relax just as well as you could in humid, hot summer months that are tourist packed.

Is The Rainy Season Dangerous?

Fiji experiences many different tropical storms, and you’ve probably heard on the news about some of the worst ones. However, you must remember that Fiji is well-equipped to deal with these storms, and it’s no more dangerous than any other tropical destination.

How To Enjoy The Fiji Rainy Days

Are you worried about experiencing less than ideal weather on your Fiji getaway? No worries! You can still have just as much fun as you could in July, and stay cooler while saving money, too.

1. Stay At An All Inclusive Resort

On a resort that offers literally everything, you’re never at a lack of things to do. You can enjoy indoor activities or swimming with private pools, clubs, games, and all sorts of additional offers. This is especially great for families with demanding children.

2. Go Snorkeling

Fish love the rainy weather! As long as the waters aren’t dangerous due to high winds or pending stormy, hazardous conditions, you can see the fish truly come alive as the water rains above the ocean top.

3. Visit the Spa

What is a better way to enjoy dreary weather than get some pampering done? Let the rain come down and the storm rage while you settle down with massages, steam rooms, cucumber masks and facial treatments. When the sun comes out again, you’ll be glowing enough to match it.

4. Go for a Bike Ride or Hike

Since the weather is always warm in Fiji, some of the more strenuous activities, like biking around the islands and experiencing the gorgeous sights and nature, are difficult. A light or moderate rain can keep you cool and pleasant during an exercise such as riding your bike or hiking, and you’ll still be warm enough not to catch a chill while seeing the sights.

5. Take a Tour

There are many educational, beautiful tours offered for various locations across Fiji, and they don’t usually close for rain. Can’t find something fun to do? Explore the islands with a guide at your side!

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