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The Garden Island – History of Taveuni

Beautiful Places in Fiji

Are you planning a trip to Fiji, and will you be joining us on the Garden Island of Taveuni? If so, we recommend taking some time to learn all about this unique travel destination before you set out. There is no place quite like Taveuni in the world, and by studying up on the history and the rich culture of this island, you’ll help to ensure that you get the most out of your vacation and that you have the opportunity to see and do everything while you’re with us.


Start your research today. Dive in and learn all about Taveuni, what makes it stand out among the 333 islands of Fiji, and what makes it one of the most beautiful places in Fiji and the perfect destination for your dream vacation.



Taveuni was first discovered by Europeans in 1643, when explorer Abel Tasman sighted the island’s twin peaks. In those days, Vuna was the primary village on the island, but after substantial tribal warfare the village of Somosomo became dominant. The Tui Cakau, chief of the tribe at Somosomo, defeated the Tongan warlord Enele Ma’afu, at which point several islands that had belonged to Ma’afu were sold to the Europeans and their residents were moved to Taveuni, diversifying its population somewhat. Their descendants still make up the island’s population today.


Modern History

Taveuni continues to have a rich culture that can be enjoyed by visitors to the island as well as its native residents. The Taveuni Football Club was established in 1947, and as recently as 1990 Bouma Forest Park was renamed as Bouma National Heritage Park in the interest of protecting it against the threat of logging. This protected reserve currently covers approximately one third of the island of Taveuni, and between it and the beautiful Fiji beaches on the perimeter of Taveuni, this island is one of the most picturesque you can visit.


If you want to surround yourself with the natural beauty of a tropical island, Taveuni is the place to go. Wander through the lush forests, relax on the beautiful beaches, or make your way into one of the villages to experience Fijian culture at its most unpolished and natural. When it comes to a vacation destination, you couldn’t do better. If you haven’t already done so, contact  us and book your trip today. We can’t wait to welcome you to the island.