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    The Best Areas to Bike Ride in Fiji

    One of the most widely enjoyed activities on the Fiji islands is bike riding.

    Best Biking Areas In Fiji For Tourists

    As long as you avoid main roads and highways, you can find some great cycling trails and chances to explore the islands on a set of wheels. If you’re looking for a specific spot to strap on your helmet and start pedaling, these two locations have been known for ages as excellent spots for enjoying this leisure sport.

    Viti Levu

    You can actually book a bike tour for this part of Fiji, and it’s considered the best spot to pack up your mountain bike and get started on an adventure. The additional inclusion of a bike guide is helpful for new tourists or those who are nervous about figuring out the cartography for themselves while enjoying Fiji. Plus, the sights are as beautiful as ever.


    Also known fondly as the garden island of Fiji, Taveuni has some amazing areas for cyclists to enjoy. With the amazing scenery and wildlife that this part of Fiji offers, as well as its location and rich culture and availability of luxury villa rentals, it’s a wonderful spot to plan a biking trip.

    When To Visit Fiji For The Best Biking Experience

    If one of the activities you’re excited to do on your dream trip to Fiji is biking, you want to make sure you plan ahead. Going during the dry season, somewhere between May and October, will be your best bet for open trails, less traffic, and the best weather. You’ll also find discounted rates at times when you visit in slower seasons.

    Tips For Fiji Biking Adventures

    Now that you know the where and the when, let’s talk a bit about the how. Biking on Fiji isn’t too different from going on a trail anywhere else on the map, but there are a few things to keep in mind that make it a better experience for you.

    1. Bring As Much Of Your Own Equipment As Possible

    Sometimes, getting affordable prices for bike parts or accessories is a bit complicated, especially if you’re limited on transportation otherwise. Options for bringing your bike with you aren’t always ideal, but if possible, try to save money by packing up as much of your own belongings as you can to avoid hefty rental prices for bikes, helmets, and more.

    2. Always Carry Water!

    The humidity in Fiji is real. Avoid exhaustion, dehydration, and muscle fatigue easier by always bringing more than enough water and focusing on staying hydrated. This is probably the biggest difference that Fiji holds when compared to other places.

    3. Choose A Mountain Bike

    Trials and in-land roads are rough, and usually a bit mountainous in their terrain. The more secure, sturdy, and dependable the bike you’re riding is, the better! It’s also a good idea to have your course mapped out, or least generalized, so someone can know where you’ve gone in the case of an accident or emergency.