Soul Good: How a Taveuni Vacation Heals Heartbreak, Eases Anxiety, and Prevents Illness

Did you know that a beach vacation is extremely good for your health? A trip to the sea is proven through clinical research and psychological evaluation to ease some of your most disruptive and unhealthy ailments and illnesses. Plus, making your way to the water’s edge is also a great way to heal heartbreak and other matters afflicting your outlook, energy, and happiness. That’s way our team at Raiwasa Private Resort says a Taveuni vacation isn’t just good – it’s soul good.

Want to learn more about the positive impact of a Taveuni vacation? We’ve pulled together some of the most convincing reasons to book your flight immediately.

#1: Salt Water Helps You Stay Healthy

Ever had the refreshed and rejuvenated feeling after a dip in the ocean? It isn’t a coincidence; salt water is good for our bodies in more ways than one. First, the iodine in ocean water naturally amps up your immune system. Even if you aren’t ill or feeling under the weather, this boost to immunity can leave you feeling happy and healthy.

The connection between salt water and immunity is a great reason to take a Taveuni vacation during the winter and spring months, when germs run rampant at offices and schools. It could even be your secret weapon to fighting off next year’s flu season.

#2: Vitamin D Increases Energy (and Happiness)

It’s been a long, exhausting winter in the United States and Europe, and there’s no doubt your body is feeling the effects of dreary weather and constant clouds. What’s behind this seasonal decrease in energy? It’s a lack of vitamin D due to limited sunlight. A trip to the beach is the ideal remedy as we head into spring.

The spring and summer months are consistently sunny in Fiji, where the Island of Taveuni is located. Here the bright rays provide a much-needed increase in your vitamin D intake. As this special nutrient increases in your system, you are certain to feel a corresponding increase in energy and happiness. Even a dreary, rainy April couldn’t hinder your can-do attitude and positive thinking after this vacation.

#3: Walk Away from the Constant Comparison

The past few years have uncovered a substantial and serious connection between the use of social media and rising levels of depression in U.S. adults. One study asked 1,700 adults of all genders, races, and ages to report the amount of time spent on social media and answer certain questions regarding depression. Overwhelmingly, the adults that were heavy social media users were more likely to suffer from depression.

So, if you are feeling unhappy, uncertain, or inadequate, you may just need to unplug. A Taveuni vacation is the perfect place to walk away from your devices and the social media whirlwind. You can spend quality time with a loved one, reconnect to a personal passion, or simply just relax and enjoy your personal journey. No matter how else you choose to use your time in Taveuni, the time away from an electronic device is guaranteed to do some good for your mental wellbeing.

#4: Clean Air for Clear Thinking

When was the last time you spent an entire day outside? For most people, weekdays are spent in an enclosed, florescent, air-conditioned office space that is a long way from the great outdoors. However, the natural world beckons on Taveuni and the benefits are undeniable.

More time spent outdoors is tied to clearer thinking and better problem solving skills. Studies show a significant uptick in mental clarity. In fact, the list of health benefits related to fresh air are astounding with time outside tied to everything from insomnia relief and lower stress to improved digestion and decrease in harmful pathogens in the body.

#5: People Near the Ocean Live Longer

Did you know that there is evidence that living close to the ocean helps you live longer? Soak up some of these overall and long-term health benefits with an extended Taveuni vacation. In particular, research has found that people have better mental health when they are living close to a large body of water. Why?

It is believed that the brain is easier to capture, internalize, and process natural backgrounds easier than man-made cities and construction. This eases the mental strain on the brain that we all feel each and every day. Quite literally, time spent looking at the ocean or across the jungle makes it less stressful to think and process information. Over time, this decrease in mental stress really adds up.

Book Your Soul Good Vacation

If you are ready for a soul good trip that truly mends the mental, physical, and emotional turmoil of everyday life, we encourage you to book a stay at Raiwasa Private Resort. Our idyllic property on Taveuni is the perfect place to unwind, regain your mental strength, and generally, be happier. Contact Raiwasa to learn more.