One Stop or Many? How to Structure Your Trip to the Fiji Islands

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a trip to the Fiji islands lasted for a lifetime? You could lounge on a white-sand beach, relax near a stunning infinity pool, and sip cocktails at sunset for days on end. Yet, a trip to Fiji usually lasts mere days or maybe a couple weeks. So, the question becomes, how to spend this precious time on the paradise islands of Fiji?

For many people the answer to this question is “island hopping.” A number of trips to the Fiji islands are a serious of flights and ferries between destinations, with the explicit purpose of experiencing all that Fiji has to offer. But this shuffle between islands can feel frantic to other visitors, who prefer to hunker down in a single location, such as Raiwasa Private Resort, and spend their time in Fiji getting to know a single spot really well.

At Raiwasa, we’ve complied four questions about your trip that will help determine which of these approaches is the right plan for your trip to Fiji.

#1: How Much Time Do You Have on the Fiji Islands?

While on the Fiji islands, you will want to spend some real time exploring your destination. It is nearly impossible to become acquainted with a single island, whether Taveuni, Viti Levu, or the Yasawa Islands, with less than a week to dedicated to the experience. Therefore, a major consideration when deciding between a single or multi-location trip is how much time you have for a vacation to the Fiji islands.

If you are only in Fiji for one week or 10 days, then island hopping may not be a great choice. You could spend several hours, and even full days of your trip, traveling to airports, ferries, and other forms of transportation. These hours en route take away from your experience at an outstanding destination like Raiwasa.

#2: Would One Activity Make or Break Your Fiji Vacation?

Each year a number of world-class surfers come to Fiji with a single prerogative – to surf day in and day out at the famous left break on Tavarua called Cloudbreak. This smaller island in the Fiji archipelago is surrounded by beautiful coral, but it is the waves that attract visitors each year, and this is most definitely a surfer’s destination.

Other Fiji islands are known for various water sports and recreational activities. Just off the coast of Taveuni, you’ll find some of Fiji’s best coral reefs. The Rainbow Reef is truly a wonder, with over 390 species of coral found in its expanse. Divers from all over the world stay at Raiwasa just for the experience of scuba diving on this gorgeous underwater location. If you came for this particular purpose, you’d be reluctant to leave for another island with less favorable diving conditions.

People passionate about these sports, or other activities found in Fiji, should consider staying in one place for their entire trip. This provides more opportunities to catch the perfect wave or spot a reef shark.

#3: How Big Is Your Suitcase for the Trip?

How much you pack could influence whether you decide to jump between islands. If you pack a big suitcase or two, you are apt to stay in one spot throughout your trip to the Fiji islands. Why do heavier packers tend to settle on a single destination?

People with a lot of luggage don’t want to drag a heavy suitcase between airports or through multiple airports and ferry ports, especially when there is a great alternative. Many guests at Raiwasa want to unpack their suitcase, hang their clothes, and arrange toiletries in the bathroom. These simple acts can make a private villa, such as Raiwasa, feel like a home away from home. You can spend a week or two pretending this is your permanent home, not a short stopover.

#4: Are You Looking for Relaxation on Your Vacation?

Relaxing is a word consistently used to describe a vacation to the Fiji islands. It is easy to see why when you step off the plane on Taveuni and there is greenery, gorgeous jungle, and solitude as far as the eye can see. And then beyond that, nothing but stunning seawater that creates a literal barrier between you and the responsibilities of the real world. If this is the description of your ideal Fiji vacation, then island hopping may not be for you. Only by embracing stillness can you find deep serenity and relaxation on Taveuni.

In fact, island hopping is disruptive to the vision of total and complete leisure. Even with a dedicated staff helping you along the way, it is unsettling to pack your bags, travel to the airport, catch a flight, land in a new destination, meet a new staff, and become acquainted with a new place.

Now, for a traveler seeking constant adventure and unique experiences in Fiji, island hopping might be the ideal remedy to escape the every day.

Where to Start (And End?) Your Trip to Fiji?

Whether you are looking for a week of relaxation after visiting several other Fiji islands or the perfect hideaway for a whole two weeks, there is nowhere equivalent to Raiwasa Private Resort. Our stunning property on Taveuni was a Boutique Hotel Awards Winner in 2017, and among Fiji’s top luxury destinations. To learn more about Raiwasa, simply send us an email.