Explore the Jungle and Stay Safe on a Fiji Vacation

The density and diversity of life in Fiji’s jungle are spectacular when you see it for the first time. The intensity of the colors and amount of foliage ignite the imagination and inspire exploration. You can hardly help but want to wander deep into the gorgeous foliage and try to learn the jungle’s secrets.

At the same time, the mystery of the Fiji jungle can also be intimidating. In particular, the sheer size and expanse of the jungle on Taveuni are both impressive and daunting. So, it surprises many visitors to learn that Fiji’s wild jungle and protected national parks are safe for walking and hiking. By following just a few simple pieces of advice, visitors can enjoy numerous jungle adventures on your Fiji vacation.

Stick to the Path and Stay on the Trail

Despite the rapid growth of plants and trees in the Fiji jungle, Taveuni’s most famous hikes are well trodden by the visitors that explored before you. Whether you are hiking to waterfalls or winding your way along the coast, there should be a clear trail or path for you to follow. Staying on this trail is important for your safety.

By sticking to the marked trail, you can avoid one of the most dangerous situations in the Fiji jungle – getting lost. Nothing ruins an adventure faster than the fear of losing your way in the jungle. The majority of visitors that have a negative experience or find themselves in a dangerous situation wandered off the trail and into the confusing, overgrown jungle. Without navigation expertise and familiarity with Taveuni, becoming un-lost can be complicated and frightening.

Nervous or Curious? Go with a Guide

You aren’t required to book an official tour or hire a guide to hike in Fiji’s Bouma National Heritage Park or beautiful Lavena Coastal Path. In fact, you can explore most of Taveuni all on your own. However, hiking with a guide can substantially improve your Fiji vacation.

Hiring a guide an excellent way to ensure you stay on the right trail and avoid taking a wrong turn. Plus, the friendly locals that lead hikes and walks on Taveuni are a wealth of information. The guides know everything about Fiji’s gorgeous flora and fauna. They are skilled at pointing out the most famous flowers and locating obscure or important plants. As well, many of the guides are well informed about Fiji’s history, culture, and traditions. As you walk, it’s not uncommon for guides to tell you some of Fiji’s folk stories and fables. Centered around the sea and traditional ways of life on the island, these stories have been told in Fiji for generations.

Staying Watchful for Animals and Insects

We are incredibly lucky on Taveuni to enjoy the lush, Fiji jungle without the fear of harmful snakes, spiders, or other insects. While other tropical destinations, such as Thailand and Indonesia, have a number of venomous snakes and poisonous spiders, we have none on Taveuni. While our snakes and spiders are harmless, this doesn’t mean you won’t encounter some insects or animals while out on a hike.

You may come across iguanas, geckos, snakes, other lizards, several types of terrestrial birds, and a number of different insects. We even have some fruit bats that come out at dusk here on Taveuni. Despite the relative safety, the best course of action when you encounter animals or insects in the jungle is to observe from a distance.

Stay Mindful of the Time of Day

Another helpful hint for staying safe on your Fiji vacation is keeping track of how long you’ve been out on a hike. You should know how far you’ve walked and how long that progress took you. With this information, you can estimate how long you need to reach the starting point, car park, or pick up location. To stay safe, you always want to finish a hike before it becomes dark on Taveuni.

However, darkness isn’t the only concern when you are out on a hike. Midday and the afternoon humidity can also be a danger for hikers. Most visitors aren’t accustomed to Fiji’s tropical climate and need to drink extra fluids to stay hydrated. As well, hiking is a physical activity that leads to even more water loss as you sweat, which makes it extra important to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Booking Your Fiji Vacation

Raiwasa’s home island is truly the best place in Fiji to see and appreciate this impressive ecosystem and terrain. The Fijian government protected a great deal of Taveuni, by creating large conservation areas on the island, and the jungle remains lush and vivacious. So, are you ready to explore the incredible jungle on Taveuni? Book with Raiwasa Private Resort now.