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Top Tips to Share Your Fiji Photos and Inspire Your Friends

Fiji is one of the top destinations in the world for photography. The natural landscapes and gorgeous resorts on these tropical islands make it easy for professionals and amateurs to capture this beautiful place. So, no matter your level or knowledge of photography, you’re certain to take a few Fiji photos while on vacation.

A few months back, our team at Raiwasa put together a post dedicated to the top places for Fiji photos. We shared some secret spots that are ideal for Instagram, and still appeal to an avid photographer. However, once you have these incredible images on your camera or phone, what should you share with friends and family and how do you post on social media in a way that is inspiring, not frustrating, for your followers?

DO: Take Fiji Photos That Show Your Perspective

Instagram and Facebook are filled with pictures of Fiji and other tropical islands. Particularly during the summer vacation season, you can hardly spend five minutes on social media without catching sight of a fabulous destination.

When family and friends land on your posts, they aren’t looking for another idealized and edited version of the same island scene (unless you are a professional photographer). Rather, your loved ones are looking to learn about the personal experience you are having in Fiji. People want to see a destination through your eyes, and that includes seeing photographs that are taken from your unique perspective.

For example, look for opportunities to capture the view from Raiwasa’s gigantic veranda or add your dive instructor to a picture taken out on the reef. These are the shots that tell the story of your trip.

DO NOT: Go Overboard with the Frequency of Content

While you are on vacation, friends and family back home certainly want to see some Fiji photos. Yet, if you upload photos too much or too often, then they become a point of contention. People want to follow along, not become inundated with your experience. There is no reason to send out several emails with a daily update or post 15 photos on social media a day.

What is intended as sharing could be perceived as gloating, and you’ll start to inundate even your closest friends. A good rule of thumb is no more than one Instagram post per day, keep your Facebook uploads to a single album, and wait to send an email until the end of your trip.

DO: Put Yourself in the Photograph, Even Selfies

Often, friends and family are interested in your “version” of a destination. This means that just as people want to see a place from your perspective, they also want to see you enjoying the vacation. Don’t be afraid or shy to post posed photos of yourself and travel companions. Similarly, when the inspiration to take a selfies strikes, feel free to share it with everyone back home.

DO NOT: Write Extensive Captions or Explanations

Vacation stories are best told face-to-face. Whether it’s the hilarious moment your partner cannonballed into Raiwasa’s infinity pool or describing the incredible five-course meal overlooking the ocean, wait until you are home and can tell it in person. Not only is your audience more likely to remember the story this way, but far more likely to appreciate it.

With this in mind, you can cut the lengthy stories and minute details from your emails and Instagram posts. Keep your captions short, your emails specific, and phone conversations to the highlights while you are away. There will be plenty of time to share all the other stories with close friends and family members long after your Fiji vacation ends.

DO: Post Fiji Photos of Beautiful Places

There’s nothing wrong with showing off the spectacular place that is Fiji. These islands are magical, and in particular the natural beauty of Fiji is nearly incomprehensible. For those who’ve never been here, even the best photos don’t do it justice. This is a beauty that should be shared, and that includes shared through by you. Do post the Fiji photos that depict these wondrous islands, as there is no better way to inspire others to put it on their list.

Overall, the secret to sharing your Fiji vacation through photographs, especially in digital form, is choosing those images that are personal. These are the Fiji photos that weren’t and couldn’t be captured by anyone else, and actually provide insight into your trip.

Ready to find the ideal spot for a photo shoot? Take a look at the stunning images captured at Raiwasa Private Resort.