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    Must See Taveuni Waterfalls In Bouma National Heritage Park

    Bouma National Heritage Park is the prime example of what makes Taveuni the “garden island” of Fiji. Imagine hiking through a wonderland, full of flowers and plants of all kinds, incredible vistas, and stunning waterfalls.

    That’s exactly what Bouma in Taveuni has to offer. To begin, you walk along a wide trail decorated with flowers. This leads you to Bouma’s first waterfall and swimming hole. Soak in the beauty or climb up behind the falls and jump off the ten foot ledge for a little rush!

    Bouma First Waterfall

    If you continue your hike from the first falls, you’ll head uphill to a bure and deck where you can enjoy a picnic lunch and expansive views of ocean and rainforest around you. Just this view is well worth the hike!

    Bouma Vista

    The second falls are wider than the first, and exactly what you think of when you think of tropical waterfalls. It doesn’t disappoint. This waterfall also gets a lot less traffic than the first, so it’s a great spot for a more solitary swim.

    Bouma Second Waterfall

    If you go even further, a sign points out that you must choose between a trail that passes through a stream, and a trail that includes some bush-wacking.

    Yet the effort is definitely worth the destination. The third Bouma waterfall is stunning, and there is even less traffic, so you’ll likely have the swimming hole all to yourself. If you like cliff jumping, there’s a ledge to the left of the waterfall, about fifteen feet tall.

    To sum it up: flowers, waterfalls, swimming holes, cliff jumping, and a scenic overlook… this should definitely be on your “must see” list!

    Bouma Flowers


    • Bring real hiking shoes/sandals.
    • Don’t go on a rainy day – the trails will be very muddy and slick when wet.