5 Ways You Can Save for a Fiji Luxury Vacation

There are plenty of travel hacks and websites out there to save money on your flight, accommodation, or tours. It’s become commonplace to check two or three different websites before booking a flight and every day people are jet setting with their rewards points from credit cards and airlines. However, what if this isn’t the type of saving you need to do?

Often, planning a Fiji luxury vacation is less about saving $100 on your flight to Nadi International Airport, and much more about setting aside the money over months or a year to take the trip, no matter the cost. So, how do you save for a trip in the long-term and when do you know it’s the right moment to say, “We’ve saved the money! Let’s go.”

#1: Decide on Your Vacation Plans Before You Save

How can you know the amount you need to save or the milestones to reach if you haven’t defined the expected costs and expenses of you trip? You can’t – and that is why rule number one of saving for a Fiji luxury vacation is this: “Want to reach a goal? Then, you first need to set it.”

You can start by taking a virtual look at one of Fiji’s best luxury properties, Raiwasa Private Resort. Contact our team for pricing information and more. Once you know our available dates, you can look into flights, activity itineraries, and other Fiji islands that make for an outstanding luxury trip.

#2: Streamline Your Regular Expenses

We spend a lot of time deciding how to spend our money, and far less time analyzing whether we made the right decisions. In fact, when people start to track their spending habits on an app or other tool (which we highly recommend), they quickly find that they are spending way more money on food and eating out then they ever thought. Similarly, there are regular purchases you make on a weekly or monthly basis, such as Netflix, cable, childcare, and law services.

When was the last time you reviewed these expenses to determine if they were the best financial choice? You may even have some automated bills you forgot about altogether. It’s possible that a significant portion of the money you need for a Fiji luxury vacation is hidden in your reccurring expenses.

#3: Share Your Plans with Someone Else

Writing down your commitment to a saving schedule is one form of accountability, but the more ways you can keep yourself accountable, the better. A vocal commitment to saving for your Fiji luxury vacation is a great strategy. So, tell a friend or family member about your decision to save for the experience, and there’s no need to reveal dollar amounts of current spending habits.

Down the road this individual is certain to ask about your saving progress, which makes it far more likely that you will be able to give them a positive answer.

#4: Create a Separate Bank Account

At a point in the not too distant past, an individual or couple would create a single savings account, ties that savings account to one debit card, and take out one or two credit cards. This was responsible financial management, but times are changing.

Online banking makes it much easier to track your money and move it between accounts. This flexibility incentivizes people to keep their hard-earned cash in more than one place, and this shift in banking is actually really good for certain saving habits. You can create a personal savings account that is designated just for your Fiji luxury vacation or subsequent trip.

The best way to see the funds in this account grow quickly is to set up a direct debit from your paycheck. Keeping this account separate from other checking accounts and credit card payment will ensure you don’t use the funds for everyday extras, and instead mean you save for your Raiwasa vacation.

#5: Save for One Part of the Experience at a Time

Business Insider listed seven different tips people can use to save more money. The article focused on life-long, long-term saving goals, but many were extremely relevant to saving for a specific purpose. One concept that really resonated was how it was difficult to save for a major project or purchase when you focused on the total amount.

Instead, it is recommended that you dismantle your saving process into smaller pieces. For example, start by saving for the flight, then your incredible private villa at Raiwasa, and then start to focus on that incredible scuba trip you want to do while on Taveuni. This allows you to reach milestones and feel positive about your progress. You’ll be able to celebrate small victories throughout the saving process and these “wins” will motivate you to stick with saving. In the end, you’re more likely to reach your goal amount.

Want to learn more from our team at Raiwasa about saving for vacation? Simply send us an email and we’ll be in touch shortly.