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Safety Tips for Travel to Fiji

When it comes to safety, Fiji is a great choice for a vacation destination. The crime rates are low, and most crimes that do occur on the islands are of a non-violent nature. Making sensible and rational choices should suffice to keep you and your family safe during your vacation. But it’s always good to have a few tips in mind in case you find yourself in an unanticipated circumstance. Follow the suggestions given here, and we feel confident your Fiji vacation will be more than just luxurious and enjoyable—it will be safe and secure too.


Travel Safely After Dark

The cities are more prone to crime than rural areas, so if you’re returning to your Fiji luxury resort from a city at night, make sure you’ve arranged transportation to get you safely back. Even if the distance is short, it’s not a good idea to walk. Some resorts will provide transportation for you, which you should definitely take advantage of.


Another option is to take a taxi, which can be found on many of the larger islands. However, you should use caution here. Do not share a cab with someone you don’t know, as taxis may be targets for robbery and you don’t want to be adjacent to that.


If possible, it is always more secure to travel in numbers. Consider going out only when someone else from your party is willing and able to join you.


Lock Your Doors

If you’re staying in a Fiji luxury resort, odds are you’re well protected from burglary. Here at Raiwasa, we provide 24 hour security and a secured gate around our property. But you should take advantage of every protection afforded to you. It’s easy for some people to be lulled into the easygoing mindset being on an island can inspire, but you should still make sure your doors are locked when you leave your resort. By doing so, you’ll ensure that everything within is protected in the highly unlikely event that someone should try to break in.


Know The Laws

By and large, things that are illegal to buy and sell in the United States are illegal to buy and sell in Fiji as well. If someone offers to sell you something you couldn’t buy back home, do not just assume that everything is above board. It’s likely an illegal offer. If you’re not certain, make sure you’ve double checked the laws before making a purchase. The last thing you want is to be caught doing something illegal on your dream vacation.


As long as you use good common sense, you’ll enjoy a safe and wonderful stay on the Fijian islands!