Barbara A, Reston VA

“Raiwasa exceeds all expectations. Your website doesn’t begin to do it justice. Our trip was to celebrate my (big) 60th birthday (which apparently, due to the international date line, I turned 60 twice 😉 and also my 25th year in business. All of you made it a very special celebration for us. Your taste in architecture, interior design, landscape architecture and attention to every other detail, is impeccable, as are your gracious team members. (You’ve created a wonderful culture with your team), and we look forward future vacations at Raiwasa.”

Jay R, Denver Colorado

“If you’re planning a trip to Fiji, the real Fiji, then you need to stay at this resort. After multiple President Club wins with several organizations and staying at many Executive and exclusive resorts, I have never experienced this level of service, care and detail from a staff – EVER. The staff is six star- the house is amazing – the pool and view will stay with you for a lifetime. Enjoy the nature walk through your own garden, take trips with the locals, order endless home cooked meals with local ingredients, fresh juices, milk shakes, fruits, etc. This resort is the hidden treasure of the over 300 islands in Fiji. I cannot compliment the chef, Richie, or the staff enough. They made this bucket list trip a true dream and we would love the opportunity to come back. Make sure you visit the huge water fall with the all-stars Babu and Petero. If it’s 2 nights or two weeks, this resort will exceed expectations and leave a lasting impression on you. I would rate this 6 stars if I could. There was 6 of us on a family trip and the staff treated us like family, played with the kids, remembered every detail, cared for every single need and did it all from the heart. Get off the mainland and experience the real Fiji- you won’t regret it.”

Kayla V, Jupiter Florida

“Bob and I got married and decided to spend our honeymoon at the beautiful Raiwasa private resort for 10 nights. We were on the black package and it was definitely worth every penny! From the moment our plane landed in Taveuni we were in awe of the beauty this place exemplified. Being that our package included everything the resort had to offer, we took advantage of every activity we could during our stay. From scuba diving the Rainbow Reef, horse back riding, hiking Bouma Falls, island Hopping, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boarding/kayaking, taking a village and island tour, taking a garden tour, and last, but not least becoming Fijian for a day was nothing short of amazing. The staff became like our family, and the genuinity that comes from each and everyone of them is so sincere. They treat you as their own and tend to your every single need. I have to admit that on our last day I shed a few tears saying our farewells. We fell in love with the people, the island and the values we came to learn during our stay. The attention to detail and making sure we were happy 24/7 blew me away. I have never been treated with so much respect and warmth from staff at any other resort. They honestly think of everything possibly imaginable to make sure your stay is perfect. Being that it was our honeymoon, they made sure to serenade us with the most beautiful and romantic gestures. I am so happy that we chose Raiwasa for our honeymoon because it was everything we could’ve ever dreamed of and more. We are so blessed and grateful for having the opportunity to experience what this island and this resort offers. We are already talking about an anniversary trip in the future! This place is unlike any other, and if you are looking to feed your soul, I highly recommend a stay at Raiwasa. I promise you won’t regret it!”

Andrew Ettingshausen, former rugby legend and fishing fanatic , Escape Fishing with ET - www.escapefishingwithet.com

“Perched high above the South Pacific Raiwasa Private Resort is a paradise for those seeking luxury and solace. A tranquil setting where you can relax in comfort and soak up the warm tropical air. The calming seascape spans for miles and the natural sounds of this vibrant haven caress your mind as you lose track of time. The Raiwasa experience is all about meeting your personal needs at this time in your life. If its a break from constant work and people then you will hardly notice the Fijian staff members as they prepare your room and ensure that your breakfast, lunch and dinner is organised wherever and whenever you would like to dine. The staff are wonderful, and show genuine hospitality.If you wish to be active the staff can arrange for special day activities and tours. The waterfall lunch and swim is a must, and your guided tour by charismatic staff is a wonder in itself. If your like me and would like to tangle with Fiji’s tropical Gamefish, a driver will be there to take you to a suitable vessel, where a master skipper will guide you on a wonderful fishing adventure. Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Giant Trevally, join a long list of fun fish to catch. Our Raiwasa experience was flawless. The balance of privacy and interaction with staff was a perfect mix. We truly enjoyed our stay in this Tropical Fijian paradise.” Watch episode

Gunilla R, Stockholm Sweden

“Best vacation ever. Raiwasa is an amazing place, so beautiful, with a stunning views, fantastic house, wonderful pool area. You can´t have it better. The staff was so friendly, amazing food, massage, water activities and tours on the island. Everything was perfect. The staff made a perfect week for us. I can´t explain Raiwasa with words it´s so much better. You have to go there to understand. I can only highly recommend it. I can’t wait to come back.

Kirsten T, California USA

“DREAM VACATION – My husband and I just returned from Raiwasa, and it was the vacation of a lifetime. We read the reviews, and saw the pictures, and were prepared to have a great time, but nothing could have prepared us for the welcome, (genuine warmth of the staff), the peace and beauty of the house, and the five star dining and attention that we received. I have severe allergies to gluten and dairy in particular, and avoid all grains because of cross contamination. I was so fortunate that Patrick and Ritchie communicated clearly with me prior to the trip, and Ritchie continued to create meals for me that were way beyond expectation. If anyone has gluten allergies in particular, you know how vacations usually go. You go in to dine, and someone whips up a fabulous gourmet meal for your significant other, and then you get handed some steamed vegetables with no flavor, and a piece of chicken with no sauce. Ritchie created the very same gourmet entrees for both my husband and myself, substituting as easily as I would have at home. Because we are the only guests, every need is carefully thought of, anticipated, and created beyond our expectations. I am a “foodie” and gourmet cook myself, so dining out is usually filled with disappointment as I described above. This was spectacular. As regards the staff, they were so lovely, I wanted to take them home with me. With fresh flowers everywhere, the gorgeous outdoor shower and bath, and beyond beautiful outdoor areas and views, it was hard to find a favorite spot on the property. There were fabulous surprises for us too. It was out 25th wedding anniversary, and the staff organized special moments for us on our special day, as well as other special things throughout the week. As a special note, Patrick was so easy before we arrived. He made sure that he fully understood my allergies. I am allergic to most detergents, so the staff even rinsed all of the bedding with white vinegar before we arrived. I brought some of my own detergent with me, and never had a single itch the entire time because of bedding. It is very unusual to go to a place like this. It is so far removed from how we live at home, and so quiet and peaceful. I loved the Fijian people, the way that they live, and the way that they value friendship, family and simplicity. I am all ready to look at the calendar and schedule our next trip to Raiwasa, and to tell anyone with a pulse that they absolutely need to go there. Maria was an absolute joy to be around, Babu our driver was knowledgeable, funny, and enjoyed sharing cultural similarities with us. All of the staff were marvelous, no doubt because of the excellent skills and personalities of Rosie and Ritchie, who manage the place and pay such close attention to the little details. Everything that they touch, they make beautiful. Do yourself a favor, and go. It is the perfect place for as much privacy or as much interaction as you wish, and suitable for a fantastic honeymoon, unplugging from the craziness of our daily work week lifestyle, or like us, celebrating 25 years of marriage. We are so happy that we chose to celebrate it here. “

Ashley Twomey, Actress and Model

“As an actress and model, my life is so busy. I am always running to photo shoots planning events and running my business. I rarely take real time off from my crazy schedule, so when my boyfriend surprised me with a romantic Fiji getaway at Raiwasa I was excited but did not know what to expect. Let me just say that Raiwasa is something that everyone should experience once in their lives. Sean and I had many amazing memories that we will hold on to forever! The staff, the service, the food and the privacy was perfect and my stay was what I needed to get re-energized. It’s a very peaceful, exciting, and romantic Atmopshere all in one. Truly a one of a kind experience, do yourself a favor go down to Raiwasa, you won’t regret it.”

Rawdha and Khalifa, UAE

“We’ve been to several 7 star hotels and Raiwasa’s services along with the experience provided goes way beyond them. We really got to live the saying of “your wish is our command” and everyone was beyond wonderful and you could feel the love and how they work as a team. The view here is unbelievable and is nothing like we have seen before it’s simply amazing. We’ve traveled to so many different places but this is the first time that we felt such sadness leaving a place. It was indeed our home away from home. “

Simon and Melinda W, Brisbane Australia

“As a family we span several age dynamics, with mid teen children and also early twenties. This often means getting all together difficult as some are still at school, some at university and others now forging their own careers in the workforce and own relationships with significant others. This recent trip was short in the planning by our standards, as often and more usually Melinda spends months planning and strategizing the optimal destination and itinerary for all involved. Our youngest son, Nicholas had returned from boarding school in the country, where they are denied electronic communications and can only touch home and family through the written word. You can imagine how foreign this would feel for all involved. He had two weeks to be back in the embrace of the family before returning for a final term. So, arriving at Raiwasa was at once both a relief and a surprise. Obviously, the location and setting is the stuff postcards and stories are based upon. But most 5+ star resorts deliver an initial wow, but then fail to follow through. The magical thing for us as a family and I’m sure to all your other guests, was and is, your team. Straight away this felt like a different experience, as we were treated like family and the team quickly adapted to our psyche and pace. And it all happened effortlessly and without our direction. The quality of food and the inclusion of locally grown produce was a surprise, as often we have found this to be a short coming in typical resorts. The activities being tailored just to us made them all a memorable experience. And the opportunity to interact with so many of your team on a personal basis was a joy. The tour of the garden and the cultural night were a highlight, especially with the involvement of their wonderful children. We all felt at our stays conclusion that we should have stayed longer and have vowed to return.”

Mark A, Florida USA

“My wife and I had the pleasure of staying at Raiwasa Private Resort which has to be one of the most unique private places I’ve ever experienced. The food was undoubtable the best even compared to high end resorts such as Kokomo. The property itself is amazing, suitable for couples or families with 2 dual masters and upstairs sleeping. Impeccable attention to detail. The grounds are extremely well kept and the views are simply stunning. The staff are at your beckon call (approximately 12 staff members). They are professional and friendly and will do whatever it takes to make your stay a memorable one.”

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