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Must-see attractions while in Fiji

A Fiji luxury vacation includes several relaxing or exciting activities, and your all-inclusive resort will be the first one to offer you several ways to get your bucket list all checked off. However, while enjoying a couple of spa days is great, there is so much more the islands have to offer than pampering!

If you don’t mind traveling away from your resort a bit, there are plenty of beautiful places in Fiji to explore and admire. The luxury aspect of the vacation is fine, but to truly get an island paradise experience, you need to soak in the culture and sights around you!

3 Places You Must Stop & See In Fiji

You already have a pretty packed, eventful vacation… and plenty of rest days. However, it’s time to revisit your itinerary, because if you don’t have these three once-in-a-lifetime experiences on your list… you’re missing out on what all Fiji truly has to offer!

Out of all the amazing attractions to be found on the islands, these 3 perfectly capture the genuine magic and true charm of Fiji, and they’re must-see places for sure. Housed both on Taveuni and Viti Levu, which are two of the best places for visitors and tourists in all of Fiji, finding the time to experience all 3 stops won’t be too difficult.

1. Bouma National Heritage Park

On Taveuni, considered the most beautiful Fiji island, you can visit a park dedicated to the nature and wildlife of Fiji. There are over 150 kilometers, and it’s a fully immersive and genuine rain forest full of Fiji life and habitat.

Waterfalls, volcanic pools, local villages, walking trails, hiking destinations, snorkeling zones, and more are all what makes this nature park an incredible stop on your journey. One of the highest, reachable peaks in Fiji is also located in this nature park, and you can see the island from a stunning 1,195-meter height!

2. Beqa Lagoon

Just off of Viti Levu, Beqa Island Lagoon is perfect for anyone who has an interest in the aquatic life of Fiji. With dozens of incredible, unique dive sites and a full crew of scuba diving experts to guide you, there is no where on the Fiji islands where you can get as up close and personal with the fish in the sea than here.

Plus, there is guided shark sight-seeing dives, where you can truly be up close and personal with the terrifying creatures. Other smaller, shallow water dives are available, and you can see some incredible shipwrecks and coral reefs.

3. Fiji Museum

As the best museum in the whole South Paficific, you can learn any important history about Fiji in this museum. Also located in Viti Levu, this immersive experience really can’t be skipped, and you can see full maritime exhibits.

You’ll be able to understand the life of a Fiji native, how the islands came to be, and what the rich extent of the culture is. Both educational and inspiring, you can even have fun exploring the different exhibits, and talking with the professionals who have even more knowledge to share.

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