8 Reasons Your Mental Health Needs a Trip to Fiji

In an earlier blog post, our team at Raiwasa explored the reasons why Fiji was a holiday destination good for your soul, energy, and overall wellness. We touched on five reasons you truly feel better after a trip to Fiji. However, this post was only the tip of a much, much bigger rabbit hole when it comes to the intersection between mental health and emotional wellness.

Our team wanted to explore the other reasons why someone should consider a trip to Fiji. We looked at the connection between water and mental health, walking away from work and longer lifespan, and relaxation and emotional stability. What we found was astounding.

There are hundreds of reasons you should jump on a plane to Fiji tomorrow. These benefits are mental, physical, and emotional. Some of the reasons are easy to explain, while others are far more complex and in-depth. We decided to start with a list of eight reasons you should take a trip to Fiji to improve your mental health.

#1: Your Brain Takes a Break

For people that always feel “switched on,” there is nothing better than turning off your mind for an extended period of time. A mental break allows your brain to relax and recuperate, just like the muscles and other systems of your body. Not only can a brain break allow some serious recovery, it is also excellent for building memories and developing new pathways to problem solving.

#2: Vacation Builds Contentment

A trip to Fiji is a true vacation and escape from the real world, and it turns out this may do more good than you realize. As you step out of the office and onto a sunny, sandy beach, you immediately feel more content and satisfied with your life. The very ability to take a break from your typical day-to-day, which can be demanding or stressful, leaves you with a far more positive opinion on your life choices and decisions.

#3: You Decrease Anxiety

Another exceptional benefit to your mental health is the drop in anxiety that accompanies a real vacation. While a weekend away may provide a small amount of relief from the anxiety and stress you feel in your personal and professional commitments, a trip to Fiji does far more. You’ll have an opportunity to wake up several mornings in a row with nothing to do and nowhere to be. The result is a far more lasting drop in the amount of your anxiety.

#4: You Spend Less Time Ruminating on Problems

In daily life, we spend a lot of time mulling over problems and seeking solutions to the issues that bother us most. Hours in a day can be lost to thought and concern over a single problem, and all of this focus on an issue may not offer a solution. Even when a problem can’t or won’t be solved for a few days or few weeks, we obsess over it.

Vacation gives our brains and bodies an opportunity to live more in the moment and forget certain issues and concerns. Instead, a trip to Fiji is all about immediacy and taking an opportunity live in the moment. Who knows, this break from worrying could actually lead to the solution you desperately need.

#5: New Places Grow Creativity

A great deal of your mental health depends on stress, anxiety levels, and your outlook on life. But there is more to your brainpower and mental wellness than decreasing stress. Optimism also flows from creativity and a change in perspective – two things that result from going somewhere new and having new experiences.

#6: Beautiful Place for Beautiful Thoughts

Fiji is often described as a place where “nothing bad could happen,” at least this is the overwhelming perception of visitors to islands such as Taveuni and places like Raiwasa. This idea that you are in a place where nothing bad happens is attractive in its own right, but when it comes to mental health there are more layers to explore.

Being somewhere beautiful, in particular somewhere that is naturally beautiful, is associated with having happier and more positive thoughts. For many people that take a trip to Fiji, it’s as if the refreshing water and lush jungle cause the mental clouds to clear. And your mindset, ideas, and viewpoints suddenly take on a sunnier disposition.

#7: Vacation Creates Headspace

Have you ever felt cluttered and congested in your thinking? As if the neurological pathways of your brain were highways and there was a serious traffic jam occurring. This feeling of packed thought-ways is becoming more common as we try to multi-task more, collect data faster, and work longer hours. A trip to Fiji gives you the time and space to clear these blocked thoroughfares and allow brand new thoughts to start flowing freely.

While this is all merely metaphor, for many people a tropical vacation can start to relieve the physical manifestations of this congestion, including lessening of headaches and fewer aches and pains around the shoulders, neck, and back.

#8: Vacation Improves Our Mental Agility

A final reason to take a trip to Fiji is the improvement in your mental agility. This is how fast your brain is able to process information and form on opinion or output an emotional response based on the surrounding stimuli. If you only expose your brain to the same set of stimuli and situations, you lose the mental capacity to process the new information quickly.

This can lead to an inappropriate emotional response or a delayed mental reaction. This isn’t dissimilar to the atrophy of other parts of the body as they go unused or only used in set ways. Vacationing in a new place, like Fiji, becomes an exercise for your brain.

Where to Take Your Trip to Fiji

Want to give yourself the best possible opportunity to realize all of these mental benefits and more from your trip to Fiji? You need to stay at an outstanding property, like Raiwasa. Our private villa and three-acre property are purposefully designed to facilitate the release from stress and mental break you need to improve mental wellness.

To learn more about our stunning property and how we help you work towards a better mental outlook, contact Raiwasa.