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Making the Most of Your Fiji All Inclusive Resort Vacation

Traveling to a beautiful tropical island like Fiji and staying in an all inclusive resort is the kind of experience most of us will only have once or twice in a lifetime, if that. It’s important, therefore, to make the most of your trip and to fill it with all the experiences you possibly can. Soak up every bit of luxury available to you while you’re vacationing and don’t miss a thing, because the worst case scenario would be to come back home regretting something you never got to do.


All inclusive resorts help you seize these opportunities by presenting all kinds of options travelers staying in other accommodations may not have. We’ve compiled a list of things you need to do during your stay to ensure it’s the best it can be.


Try All The Food

Most resorts will have options for you to choose from when it comes to mealtimes. Because your meals are built into the price of your stay, you don’t need to think about where the biggest price tags are. Instead, follow your heart and feel free to explore. By the last day of your stay, maybe you’ll have found a favorite place to dine, and you’ll definitely have the satisfaction of knowing nothing was missed.


Sample Local Flavors

This goes for food, of course, but it also applies to cocktails. This is a big opportunity to try something local that many people miss, opting instead for their old standbys from back home. Ask the bartender to recommend a local drink so you can get a taste of Fiji. If you find something you like, consider picking up a bottle to bring home so you can share a splash of the islands with your friends!


Leave Your Room

Though the accommodations may be deluxe and a resort vacation is the perfect time to relax, there’s also plenty to see and do that you don’t want to miss out on. Ask about shows and events taking place every day and choose what you want to be around for, or be spontaneous and wander out when the mood takes you—the choice is yours. But don’t waste your trip in the resort room, no matter how sumptuous it may be!


Get Into The Activities

It can be scary for some people to put on a snorkel or get on a paddleboard—we understand. But now is the time to seize the moment! Remember that most people around you are likely to be new to the activity too, and your guide will be ready to help you get the most enjoyment possible out of it. And you’ll have amazing photos and stories to share when you return home.


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