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    How to Get the Most Out of Your Money at a Luxury Villa Rental in Fiji

    Vacations are expensive, and that’s why so many choose to exclude them from their lives. What so many people don’t understand is that there are many amazing saving strategies that can be used to create an affordable way to enjoy a luxury trip to the tropical islands of Fiji. If you’ve been needing the rest, relaxation, and stunning beaches of an exotic world, these penny pinching tips and tricks will you get on that plane sooner and allow your trip to extend longer!

    4 Tips For Saving Money During A Luxury Fiji Vacation

    Luxury villa rentals in Fiji have wrongly gathered the reputation for only being obtainable for few and far between.

    1. Make The Most Of Your Activity Options At The Luxury Villa

    There is some truth to the mythos about Fiji being a giant tourist trap. With so many attractions, events, exciting promoting, and activities to consider, trying to plan a budget may feel impossible. Fortunately, your Grand Villa offers several house activities, as well as guided suggestions and trips for other island sports and fun. Trust your family here at Raiwasa and let us help you get the most out of your time in Fiji without breaking the bank in areas you don’t have to.

    2. Book Your Stay During The Off-Season

    The popular months for Fiji vacationers, and when you may see increases for prices for both your Villa booking with Raiwasa and also other island activities are June, July, and August. The cooler, dry months closer to November and October will have far less expensive prices, and a more manageable crowd. For many tourists on a budget, this is prime time, and you won’t miss out on much by visiting during their quieter season. Fiji never sleeps, even in their version of winter.

    3. Enjoy The Local Cuisine When Possible

    At Raiwasa, the food at the Grand Villa is a complete experience, but we highly recommend sneaking out to the local cities and villages to try some more of the authentic cuisine in their rich street setting. Food from the smaller, local businesses is often cheaper but still provides a n exciting dining experience more akin to what the natives take so much pride in offering! You’ll save a few bucks while also finding a way to immerse yourself in Fiji culture.

    4. Cut Back On ATM Fees By Planning Ahead

    As you start to formulate an itinerary for your trip, begin to also schedule out your financial situation and potential expenses. Using credit cards in Fiji can be a slippery slope due to interest rates and possible fees for overseas usage. Plus, every ATM will carry a hefty fee for withdrawal, so the less you rack up those little expenses, the better off you’ll be. Look at your financial standing early on and withdrawal cash in bulk, and avoid using any electronic transaction methods for payment. You’ll appreciate the extra trouble by the end