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    How to Find Your Way Around the Fiji Airport?

    For many, airports are a stressful experience. It’s loud, crowded, noisy, and confusing. Often times, there are many languages both written and spoken, and getting lost is just part of the game for frequent travelers. Learning how to navigate a new airport, especially one that is so famous for tourists and incoming flights like the Fiji Airport, is tricky… but possible!

    Fiji’s Location

    On a map, Fiji looks secluded and difficult to find, especially if you’re flying in and haven’t ever experienced the island before. One of the biggest concerns that many travelers have before arrival is the ability to navigate once there, or even just finding a way to the island.

    These fears, while understandable, are misguided! Nearly every major city in the USA as well as countries in Europe, Asia, and Australia all have outgoing and incoming flights to Fiji on a regular basis.

    Navigating The Fiji Airport

    So, you know you can get to Fiji… but then what? If you suffer from airport anxiety, a little bit of education on what to expect and how to find your way around the airport can go a long way. When you book a flight to the Fiji Airport, you will be headed to the Nadi International Airport, Fiji’s ultimate gateway. This is where the magic of your trip truly begins!

    A few tips to remember when you are trying to find your way around the Fiji airport include:

    • Don’t be shy! Asking questions or directions is the best place to stay grounded and find your way. Don’t worry – tourists are just as eager as you are, and the airport staff is friendly and very used to giving this kind of help.
    • Look up a map beforehand on the Fiji airport website. Get yourself acquainted with the layout.
    • Make sure your phone is charged and you have a carrier that covers international minutes.
    • Be aware of your surroundings. Paying attention to crowd control, signs, and arrows will help guide you to where you need to be.
    • Plan your experience in advance. Do you want to catch a bite to eat at the Fiji airport? Do you need to get a taxi, or board another plane? Map out your airport activities ahead of time, and stick to schedules.
    • Pay attention to where the bathrooms are! Take pictures if you feel it’s needed.

    Border Control

    Many people also worry about what it takes to arrive in a different country from their own. The Nadi border control at the Fiji airport is very understanding and helpful, and you’ll be granted a temporary Visa in most cases with valid identification. This process is designed to be simple and easy, but you can learn more about the customs on the website.

    Island Transfer From The Fiji Airport

    If you’re transferring from the airport to another island, like Taveuni, you’ll just have to board one more plane for a very short trip to your final destination. Keep a close eye on the time and your boarding details to ensure you leave plenty of wiggle room to find your next gate and get situated on the final leg of your journey.