Once you settle at Raiwasa Villa, you won’t want to leave. You’ll find that you effortlessly and quickly shrug off the stress and strains of modern life and ease into the warm embrace of a tropical paradise. Your toughest decision will be where to relax and unwind. The main deck? At the edge of the infinity pool? The beach bure? The pool bure? The overlook deck?  Whether you’re stretched out with a page-turner of a novel…sipping an exotic cocktail as you watch the glorious sun make its descent…or just closing your eyes and listening enthralled to the trilling of the birds…you’ll experience true peace.  Breakfast on the deck may be accompanied by a light ocean breeze and the sight of a school of dolphins or even, at the right time of year, a passing Humpback or pilot whale.


Need more help to relax? Spoil yourself with an indoor or outdoor massage at the villa. Let one of our highly-skilled masseuses soothe away your aching limbs. A great and affordable way to recover from jet lag.


Take advantage of our two, two-person Kayaks to venture around the tip of Matei or to several bommies a few hundred yards from shore where you can encounter rays and turtles and hundreds of species of coral and fish.


If you are an avid snorkeler we can organize a top-notch excursion to the Rainbow Reef or the Waitabu Marine Park, where you can see 298 species of hard coral, 1198 species of reef fish and the famous giant clams.

Paddle boarding

Yes, you can paddleboard, too. We have two complimentary paddleboards at your disposal.

Star gazing

Did we mention the stars?  The night sky here is unbelievable.  Just imagine…you’re on the 180th parallel in the southern Pacific Ocean. Far from so-called civilization. There is no city light pollution.  Just you, serenely staring upwards marveling at the brightness of the twinkling stars … relaxing in our special built-in stargazing recliners and counting the shooting stars.  It’s just heaven!