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Five Ways to Make Your Summer Holidays to Fiji Memorable

More Americans travel during the months of June, July, and August than any other time of year. And these summer holidays are more than just time away from school and a week or two out of the office. For many families, these trips, whether a domestic getaway to the Grand Canyon or international holidays to Fiji, are the most important time of year for making lifelong memories. So, how can you ensure your summer holidays this year are memorable?

#1: Start Your Trip Optimistically

Your mindset about an impending vacation is actually important to the experiences you have while away. If the planning and preparation for a vacation is stressful or filled with anxiety, then there is a strong chance that those emotions will carry over to the vacation itself. The opposite is also true according to research on the travel industry and holidaymakers. If you are upbeat, excited, and optimistic about your trip, then your holidays to Fiji should align with those expectations.

#2: Take Your Camera on Every Adventure

The easiest way to remember your holidays to Fiji is through photographs. Whether you are capturing family members, a sunset, or the floral details in the Raiwasa garden, these picture are your key to recalling the moments of your trip weeks, months, and years after it ends. In fact, the power of photography is probably stronger than you ever realized, with people that take tons of pictures on a vacation remembering the trip nearly 40% better than people that leave their camera at home.

However, snapping pictures can sometimes take away from the adventure or ruin a moment. You don’t want to interrupt a romantic meal for 20 selfies or take your eyes off a pod of dolphins just to find your phone. As well, there are a lot of studies that show the more time you spend on your phone, instead of appreciating a moment, the less satisfied people are with a vacation. So, don’t let the objective of taking pictures stress you out too much – simply remember to grab your camera for every adventure and there is sure to be a time or two when it goes to good use.

#3: Travel with Someone Special in Your Life

Summer holidays to Fiji are perfect for any type of traveler, including someone who is looking for a solo trip. However, there is something exquisite about sharing a trip to Fiji with someone special in your life. Not only will the joint adventure likely lead to more outstanding moments during the course of your trip, but going with a companion helps you remember the experience long after it ends.

Why is traveling with a companion so important to your memory? We are far more likely to retell and relive our adventures when the memory is shared with another person. A solo visitor to Fiji may describe the trip once or twice afterwards, but you are apt to leave out the details and just give an overview of the experience, even when the listener has separately been to Fiji. Recounting your trip with a travel buddy? You will dredge up the seemingly insignificant moments time and time again.

#4: Keep a Journal While You Are Away

Reflection is good for the soul and important for the memory. No matter how many times you think of your holidays to Fiji, certain memories are going to fade over time. However, if you capture your thoughts, impressions, and experiences while on the trip, you will always have an account to return to. Plus, keeping a journal while you are away is a great technique to discover how your impressions of Fiji change over the course of your trip. You’d be surprised how much you can learn and experience in a matter of days or weeks while traveling abroad.

#5: Make Time in Your Itinerary for Downtime

A vacation to Fiji is all about taking time away from your busy lifestyle and the mundane day-to-day for 10 or 14 days of relaxation and rejuvenation. However, if your itinerary is packed full from dusk until dawn, you are unlikely to extract much relaxation or happiness from your holiday in Fiji. Instead, schedule some time that is left blank and open-ended.

These could be the hours you simply read a book or catch up on podcasts. Maybe you take each morning to sit with your cup of coffee or the hours after dinner to linger over a glass of wine. While the time without plans may not sound the most exciting or adventurous, these could be the moments that ultimately mean the most, as you spend quality time with a loved one or give yourself some downtime to recharge.

Where to Stay for a Memorable Holiday?

Let the staff at Raiwasa Private Resort provide the most memorable experience in Fiji for your summer holidays. With our three-acre property reserved for your exclusive use and a team of 12 ready to handle your every want or need, this is the ideal place for a summer holiday you’ll never forget. Contact Raiwasa today to reserve a week at our incredible private villa.