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Time for a Girls’ Trip: Why Fiji Island Resorts Make the Perfect Place

Fiji island resorts are commonly described as romantic and intimate. At Raiwasa Private Resort, we fully embrace these descriptions and our property exceeds the expectations that honeymooners and other couples have for a romantic getaway. However, Fiji is really the perfect destination for a wide range of vacationers.

Fiji is family-friendly, ideal for travel with friends, and even a great location for backpackers and other solo travelers. In fact, Fiji offers something for everyone and one group of travelers that are quickly discovering the best reasons to travel to Fiji are ladies taking an all-important girls’ trip.

#1: There Are Activities for Every Personality

Fiji is packed with different types of activities. Whether you enjoy being on land or out at sea, you’ll never be at a loss for something to do. Plus, if your ideal vacation is doing absolutely nothing at all, then Fiji is a fantastic place for you to visit because the views alone are worth the flight.

This is to say that no matter what type of vacation you want to have with your girlfriends, Fiji island resorts are a good choice. You can plan hiking adventures and scuba dive trips for each and every day, or simply plan to relax by the infinity pool at Raiwasa. Try something new or sip cocktails on the veranda. Looking for something in between? We think a balance of adventure and indulgence makes for the best Fiji vacation.

#2: You Can Catch Up in Private

A girlfriend vacation is often about quality time with your closest friends. Many groups of women are most interested in finding a trip destination where they are assured of privacy and quiet to have conversations. However, at some Fiji island resorts, you’ll have the noise of other hotel guests or lack the privacy to discuss personal details or problems. When you’re on a getaway with girlfriends, the prying ears of other hotel guests can truly hamper the experience.

So, we really recommend you stay somewhere more secluded and personal. You won’t find a better place to discuss everything from personal matters to job promotions than poolside at Raiwasa. As well, when the cocktails begin and a bottle of wine is already consumed, you won’t have to worry about other guests overhearing or causing a stir in the hotel restaurant. At Raiwasa, the entire private resort is for you use to linger over drinks or dinner for as long as you want.

#3: You Can Still Maintain Some Personal Space

You love your girlfriends, but 10 days or two weeks together is a major undertaking. Even when no love is lost, there is the possibility of a few arguments or disagreements during the vacation. After all, many groups of friends aren’t accustomed to being together 24/7 for an extended amount of time. This isn’t a problem at Fiji island resorts, where there is room to spread out and take some alone time.

Raiwasa is designed to bring people together. We value meaningful conversation and quality time with loved ones. While many aspects of our property, such as seating arrangements and dining locations, were created to unify our guests, we completely understand the need for some space. You’ll find several quiet nooks and shady spots on our property that are great for an afternoon nap or couple hours with your book. Utilizing areas, such as our beach bure and hammock, truly balance your tropical girls’ vacation.

#4: You’ll Feel Chic Even When on the Beach

If you haven’t noticed, our team at Raiwasa believes that a private resort is an ideal place for your next girls’ trip. Why is the privacy aspect so important to our team? Well, not only did we create an incredible vacation destination on this very premise, we also know it enhances the quality and luxury of your holiday.

When you stay at a tropical destination, particularly with girlfriends, you want to feel both comfortable and sophisticated. You don’t want to sacrifice the luxury of your vacation just because it is on a beach or spent snorkeling. And a private resort provides the exclusive, individualized experience that ensures you always feel special.

The Raiwasa experience makes you feel chic at every moment. Whether it’s a fantastic massage near the sand or a class of sparkling in the afternoon, you’ll feel high-end, even if you never wear shoes or change from a swimsuit!

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