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Fun Activities for Kids while in Fiji

Though often advertised and cornered as an ideal vacation destination for couples and young adults, Fiji is more than a romantic getaway and fun way to spend Spring Break! In fact, thousands of families come to the beautiful islands for bonding, fun, and relaxation.

Fiji has plenty to offer kids of all ages within it’s gorgeous waters and all-inclusive resorts, so if you’re hoping to find the best place to sneak away for a tropical reprieve from life, you may have found the place!

Exploring Fiji: The Kids Edition

Fiji luxury vacations boast a lot about the pampering and preening offered, but the islands are jam-packed full of exciting activities and educational possibilities.

Resort Activities

Most resorts will be fully prepared to handle any age of child. From fun club house activities like DIY crafting, trivia nights, and parties to games and movies hosted by your provider, you can get involved with other vacationers on holiday and maybe make some friends. Lots of resorts love to get everyone together, and your kids will love meeting the others around their age from all over the globe.

Water Sports

When it comes to the activities to enjoy in Fiji, most of them include water in way or another. From Snorkeling and scuba diving, you can get active above water, too! Kayaking, fishing, sailing, and surfing are fun ways to enjoy the tropical sun and get a little wet to stay cool.

Kid-Friendly Fiji Experiences

If your kids aren’t particularly sporty, but you still want to get out of the resort club house and do something, there are still plenty of options on Fiji!

Places To Go

Among the many interactive, educational museums and tours offered about the history and culture of Fiji and it’s natives, you can visit fun places like the Garden of the Sleeping Giant or one of the several incredible cafes and restaurants in the villages. Festivals, performances, and other artistic displays of culture are also great!

With all the amazing, unique wildlife on Fiji, you could easily make a day out of trying to spot fascinating birds, fish, or reptiles. Visit one of the Fiji zoos or observation centers to get a closer look, or take a guided boat tour to see the vast coral reefs under the ocean surface.

Things To Do

Lots of fun is to be had on the Fiji islands! Many nature parks and other tourist locations will offer ziplining, a fun and exhilarating fast way to enjoy the scenery.

Volunteering is another way to teach your kids a valuable lesson about life. Many different outreach programs encourage tourists to donate and deliver supplies to schools, churches, and poor communities on the islands who could benefit greatly from your help.

Staying in for a resort day can be fun, too! The spa at an all-inclusive resort can be exciting even to a child, and childcare is sometimes offered depending on your specific location and budget for your trip.

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