Four Cocktails to Sip During a Fiji Sunset

Sunset in Fiji is a spectacular time of day.

At the first hint of golden hour, you want to look out over the western coastline of Taveuni, and see the Pacific Ocean glistens and gleams in the last bright sunlight of the day. This is the most beautiful, soft golden light of the day. Then, slowly it descends into more robust, rose, and warm colors. On some evenings, the sky bursts into the red of a hot burning fire, while other nights feature the pastels of cotton candy. Both offer a unique beauty across the water.

From the beautiful vantage point on Raiwasa’s property, you can take in all of these color combinations and a 180-degree view of the water in total seclusion and silence. A loved one by your side and we highly recommend one of these cocktails in your glass.

#1: Polynesia’s Favorite the Mai Tai

It’s hard to go wrong with a Mai Tai while you are visiting Fiji. While the drink didn’t actually originate in Oceania or Polynesia (the first Mai Tai was poured in Oakland, California in 1944), it has long been associated with the soft white sand and gentle waters of places like Fiji and Tahiti. The association remains, and so does the love of this classic cocktail.

What exactly goes into the delicious Mai Tai? The main liquor is smooth, dark rum – but don’t stop there. You’ll want to add lighter amber rum from Martinique, simple syrup, lime juice, orgeat syrup, and orange Curaçao or Cointreau. The classic version of this cocktail is topped simply with a bit of mint, but you can always take it a step further and add a fresh lime.

#2: Feel Fine with a French 75

There are several cocktails out there that can make you feel incredibly refined and divine, but few have the allure of a French 75. Like a soft, spring day in Paris, the French 75 is bright and effervescent, without being sickeningly sweet. And there is nothing modest about this tantalizing beverage.

Never heard of a French 75? It all starts with gin. Two ounces of the floral liquor is topped off with fresh lemon juice and sugar. You shake these ingredients well and pour into a champagne flute. Then, you add the French favorite, champagne – although we aren’t opposed to substituting the slightly sweeter Prosecco. A bit of lemon zest and lemon peel are the perfect finish to this refreshing and chic drink.

#3: Something Served in a Coconut

You’ve probably seen Piña Coladas in a pineapple, and now Oceania and Asia have their answer to the popular Caribbean beverage – a coconut martini. It’s both a spinoff and tribute to the traditional Piña Colada, with a few added flavors. There’s a subtle amount of pineapple, just enough vanilla, and of course, rum. While this drink probably wasn’t on your radar before, it should be now.

This made-for-the-beach cocktail is ideal for sunset on your Fiji vacation. Our favorite recipe beings with one ounce of coconut rum, 1.5 ounces of vanilla vodka, and is then topped up with either coconut water or for a real treat cream of coconut. You’ll want to add a hint of pineapple to give it a truly tropical feel.

#4: Bring Italy to Oceania

Italy’s simply and stunningly beautiful coastline is known for a few things: pebble beaches, quaint cobblestone paths, striped umbrellas, and slightly sweet but somewhat bitter concoctions. Oh, and pasta because Italy wouldn’t quite be Italy without the pasta. While some of these delightful attributes don’t quite fit the Fiji lifestyle, we’re happy to adopt their choice of drinks, including the Negroni.

It’s a simple drink that hints at cherries and lingers on the back of your tongue. Born of Italy’s famous Campari and finished with a refreshing citrus, the Negroni is a sophisticated cocktail that’s most comfortable near the water. The ingredients for a traditional Negroni are equal parts dry gin, Campari, and vermouth. Shake over ice and garnish with orange peel. Of course, playful renditions of the classic are always welcome.

Where to Sit and Sip

There are several stunning locations to watch the sunset on the Fijian Islands. In fact, we can think of several locations on Taveuni alone, but there isn’t a single location that can top the deck at Raiwasa Private Resort. And when you book our Black VIP Package, your alcohol is included in the cost.

Our gorgeous property provides the ideal place to sip a fantastic cocktail or enjoy a refreshing beer. For that matter, this is your Fiji vacation, so go ahead, enjoy the view, and indulge in these special cocktails anytime of day!