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Foods to Try in Fiji

If you’re soon to be Fiji-bound for a luxury vacation that will last a lifetime in your favorite memories, you need to begin planning ahead for the amazing food you’ll have to try while you’re there. The delicacy in Fiji is incredible, and if you’re not careful, the choices will overwhelm you. Doing your research now and choosing your “must-try” favorites will keep you on track, and ensure you don’t miss out on the best local flavors in Fiji.

For most All Inclusive Fiji Honeymoon package deals and resorts, food is included, but you’ll still have the chance to have some sovereignty and variety over what you eat. These 7 amazing foods are things you cannot miss out on trying!

The 7 Most Amazing Foods To Try In Fiji

All of the exotic foods in Fiji are worth a taste, but these 8 will blow your mind. It’s not truly a Fiji experience without these on your plate at some point!

1. Kokoda

Local fish, coconut cream, spices, and vegetables come together to make this tasty, creamy dish. As the national dish in Fiji, you’ll be able to get your taste anywhere on the islands, and you’ll definitely be wanting more of this spicy creation!

2. Palusami

Taro and rourou leaves are popular on Fiji, but the best way to enjoy them is with palusami. Meats and veggies, sometimes seafood, is stuffed within the leaves with tons of exploding flavors and exciting combinations for the best meal.

3. Roti

Hungry for a snack yet? Try Roti! This flatbread is traditionally baked and used with many sauces, fillings, or curry for quick-eats like wraps or dipping. It’s found in most island markets and some restaurants and extremely tasty and filling.

4. Coconut bread

You can find coconut in pretty much everything on Fiji, and it’s the most common ingredient in any dish or dessert. Even the drinks feature the sweet stuff, but coconut bread takes the cake for a delicious favorite. It’s light and fluffy and perfect for an appetizer!

5. Seafood

Anywhere you go will have fish on the menu! The beautifully cooked seafood, which is rarely deboned, is full of flavor and unique tastes, made by the best of the best. The grilled fish is a favorite of many.

6. Fruits

From the many tropical fruits on the island, you’ll never find time to try them all. They have the freshest, juiciest favorites like pineapples and bananas, but don’t be afraid to try their natives fruits, too. The sour sop and longan is delicious!

7. Baigan Valo

Many Indian influences exist in Fiji cuisine, and this dish is one of the best. Though essentially just stuffed eggplants, the tasty seafood, spices, and meat stuffed into the yummy plant and topped with coconut cream is a game-changer. It’s typically a spicy dish, but you can have it served any way you wish!

Make a note of your favorites and get ready to pack on a pound or two when you take your luxury trip to Fiji.

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