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    How to Find the Cheapest Flight to Fiji


    Book tickets in advance… way in advance. Fiji is a popular destination with a select number of seats, so the airlines really do tend to raise prices the closer you get to departure. According to, who did a comprehensive search for flights at every time interval, found that when booking a flight to the South Pacific, the cheapest time is a slightly ridiculous 320 days in advance.

    However, don’t be discouraged if you can’t book that far in advance. also says that as long as you book at least six weeks out, you won’t pay premium prices.

    Some other weird rules?

    Don’t continually search for your flights. Some airlines and travel sites use trackers and raise the price every day that the search comes from the same computer or mobile device.

    Instead of searching for flights over and over, set up alerts for best prices and deals. The best places to find good alerts are Skyscanner,, AirfareWatchdog,, and your favorite international airline.

    Apparently the day and time that you log on to book your flight matters. tested each day of the week and each hour for booking flights. They found that Tuesday afternoon/evening (3pm New York, 8pm London) is the best time to book, because airlines release their deals on Monday, then competition matches prices by Tuesday.

    Of course, the day you fly out matters too. says the cheapest take-off days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday; the most expensive are Friday and Sunday.