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    Where to Find a Private Pool Villa in Fiji

    If you are planning a vacation to the tropical paradise of Fiji, then you probably want every detail to be perfect. In particular, people planning for a special occasion or romantic holiday want to have a for their stay. However, where to find this type of exclusive property among the variety of hotels, resorts and smaller accommodations on the islands?

    As you begin your search for the right place, it can be hard to know if your research is leading you down the right path. These tips and advice on finding high-end accommodation in Fiji can ensure you discover the ideal property for your getaway!


    Carefully Read a Property’s Website


    There is a lot to learn about a hotel or resort from the property’s website. Many luxury properties place extensive time and effort into their website, to ensure it paints the right picture of the accommodation. For example, here you can find a list of amenities, offered activities, description of the guestrooms and other information about Raiwasa Private Resort.

    If you want a truly luxurious vacation, it helps to find out if a property offers personal touches and a unique experience. It is beneficial to browse all of this information before booking a property. It is one way to know what you are getting. Exclusive properties will be able to promise a private pool and secluded stay, without compromise or modification. As you read about a certain villa or private resort, consider how information is presented and what that really means for your stay.

    If you have any doubts that the property offers a private pool, send the management an email before you book, or even better call them and speak to them about your expectations.


    Look at Websites Dedicated to Exclusive Properties


    There are a number of websites that focus on exclusive properties. Some of these sites compare private resorts and luxury hotels from around the world, while others are specific to Fiji. These sites can be a great place to look for a private pool villa in Fiji because they have already narrowed down the potential properties for you. You are left with a manageable list to browse and research, instead of starting from scratch.

    One of these websites is Private Villas Fiji, but there are many others out there that will give you a similar list of Fiji’s best accommodation.  Keep in mind that you get what you pay for, the more expensive the property the more beautiful and the better service and amenities you can expect.


    Dig Deeper Through a Blog


    There are a few high-end properties that keep a dedicated blog, like this one! These blogs are filled with information about Fiji and specific islands in the archipelago, but also provide a lot of information about the resort property and the available amenities. Often, a blog post can go into more detail than what is found on the website, which gives you a true look at what is found at a private resort or villa.

    But don’t take our word for it! One of the best ways to learn about exclusive properties in Fiji, and elsewhere, is through independent bloggers. These travel gurus dedicate entire careers to writing about places and experiences around the world, and they can offer an unbiased look at the places they go.


    Find Out More About Fiji


    These great resources for Fiji aren’t just useful for finding a private pool villa or other exclusive property, each is filled with information on other amenities, activities in Fiji and travel tips for each of the Fijian islands. Head to for more information on Raiwasa Private Resort, the island of