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Fiji Vacations for Singles

You hear all the time about how couples are choosing to take their honeymoon vacation in the gorgeous, tropical islands of Fiji. Anniversaries are another popular excuse for grabbing a bag, hopping a plane, and ending up in one of the beautiful Private Villas In Fiji.

It looks romantic and dreamy, full of magic and whimsical elements while doused in sand, sunshine, and crystal clear waters… there is just one problem. If you’re single, what excuse do you have for a luxury trip to Fiji?

3 Reasons A Fiji Dream Trip While Single Is A Great Idea

Though it’s true that Fiji islands are a great destination for the madly in love couple, it’s not exclusive to them alone. With the amount of family resorts scattered over the country, it’s a great place for families to visit, too!

What about us single and mingling folk, though? We don’t need an excuse to pack up for the tropics! From graduation, recent accomplishments, break-ups, friendship celebrations, Spring Break, and any other reason to party, Fiji offers a great destination even on your own without a special other.

Why is Fiji so great for singles, maybe even more so than a happy newly wed couple? These 3 reasons will shed some light on why you should sign up for the time of your single life.

1. You’ll Pay Less Money

Think about it. If it’s your honeymoon, you want to go all out, right? You’re buying the romantic villas, picnics for two, and everything is double the price. Well, if it’s just your own costs to cover, you can save more money!

Plus, when you’re on your own, you can choose which bells and whistles to splurge on and where to cut costs when you can. Fiji luxury vacations are more affordable than you may think, especially when you strip it back from all the roses and fireworks of new romance and just look at what you want.

2. More Time To Do What You Want To Do

Maybe you’re most excited for the water activities, like scuba diving or sailing, more so than biking and hiking. Maybe the food is the part you’re most excited for, and you could care less about exercise while relaxing. The truth is – it doesn’t matter!

When you visit Fiji with your own schedule in mind, you won’t have to share with your partner or worry if you’re getting enough quality time together. There is no special romantic check-list to complete, and if you feel like sleeping on the beach for a day, no one can judge you. It’s your own customized trip.

3. A Great Chance To Meet New People

You’d be surprised how many singles go to Fiji amidst the couples and families. Some resorts have mixers for singles, or special tours designed for those who go at it alone. Reaching out and giving a friendly hello to the others who are there without a partner or kids running out can create great friendships… maybe even that romance you thought you needed.

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