Why You Need a Fiji Vacation This Summer

Summer will be here before you know it and across the United States families are making their final plans for a special summer vacation. There are thousands of places you could pick for your summer getaway this year, but at Raiwasa Private Resort, we believe there are some convincing reasons to choose a Fiji vacation this summer. Wondering why a trip to the other side of the year is just the ticket for summer 2018?

#1: Summer Is the Best Weather in Fiji

Fiji has outstanding weather all year long, with temperatures that hover around 80 degrees during the day and overnight temperatures in the low 70s, but the summer months are a spectacular season on the islands. From July through September you are guaranteed an extensive amount of sunshine and dry weather. Yet, the temperatures don’t become unbearable and you can still comfortable hike in the jungle or along a coastal walk.

#2: High Season Means High Energy on the Islands

You’ll always find peace and serenity at Raiwasa’s private property, and we take a lot of pride in offering a secluded hideaway for every guest, even during the peak of Fiji’s tourist season. However, the high season of tourism does impact the energy and atmosphere across the rest of Taveuni. There are more roadside stands selling snacks and drinks and busier tables at the island’s few beach bars. You’ll sense, even if you don’t see, the enthusiasm of Taveuni’s busiest time of year.

On other Fijian Islands you’ll find that high season brings even more energy and excitement. In particular, the atmosphere on Viti Levu can shift dramatically during the high season, as the more popular beaches, towns have consistently had record years for tourism.

#3: You’ll Escape the Crowded Beaches of Florida and Mexico

While summer in the Northern Hemisphere is Fiji’s high season, you’ll still find deserted beaches and private swimming spots. Even at the height of tourism, Fiji has numerous ways to escape the crowds. On islands like Taveuni you can hike the most famous and popular jungle walks, while only seeing a few other travelers and locals. And the reefs also remain blissfully free of huge tour groups and crowded cruise ships.

The same can hardly be said of the crowded resorts and beaches in Florida and Mexico. You’d be hard-pressed to get a moment alone on a Florida beach between June and September. These destinations are some of the most common for Americans, and summer is similarly the most popular time for Americans and Europeans to travel.

#4: Experience Culture and Relaxation

Often the choice for summer vacation is a difficult one between experiencing a new culture and pulse of a place and relaxing on the beach or poolside. Each year many vacationers opt for a cultural experience in London, Rome, or New York City, while others decide on a strictly beach trip to Cancun, Destin, or the Outer Banks.

A Fiji vacation is an opportunity to have it all. You can spend several days doing nothing at all by your private pool at Raiwasa and several other days exploring a local village and partaking in a traditional kava ceremony. Following these experiences, you can return to Raiwasa for an outstanding private, five-course meal. It’s a combination that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere this summer.

Stay at Raiwasa This Summer

Our award-winning resort on Taveuni only has a few weeks free for summer and autumn 2018. One of these incredible weeks away could be all yours, with the entire Raiwasa property and private villa designated for your use and enjoyment. To book your stay simply contact Raiwasa through our website here.