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5 Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy on a Fiji Vacation

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No one wants to spend a vacation injured or ill, particularly when Fiji’s gorgeous coral reefs are calling you to explore and adventure. Yet, if you fail to prepare for the long-haul flight, humidity, and other conditions of a Fiji vacation, you could find yourself sick or hurt for part of your trip.

Of course, there are some easy ways to prevent the majority of the illnesses and injuries that impact visitors to Fiji. Maintaining your fitness and health while in Fiji could even augment a positive experience abroad. The following five ways are simple and straightforward things you can do before, during, and after a Fiji vacation to keep your health and fitness in peak form.

#1: Commit to Your Exercise Routine

At home, your exercise routine is important to your overall health and wellness. Whether that routine is simply a walk around the block or daily gym sessions, we all rely on physical activity to release endorphins, build strength, and maintain our weight.

However, on a Fiji vacation it is extremely tempting to let your exercise routine fade into the background or disappear completely. This can leave you feeling languid on your Fiji vacation and disappointed when you return home. Instead, of these negative results, simply spend some time before you leave preparing for changes to your exercise routine and how to handle them. Commit to a certain level of activity each day and figure out how exercise can fit into your planned activities.

Make your exercise goals realistic and also realize that if you don’t maintain a strict routine while in Fiji, you’ll still get back on track once you are home.

#2: Tackle Jet Lag Before You Land

While jet lag isn’t technically an injury or illness, it is a condition that may have an impact on your trip. If you spend the first part of your Fiji vacation enduring sleepless nights and sleepy days due to jet lag, you’ll feel cheated out of that precious time on the islands. Part of the problem is there isn’t a clear remedy for jet lag, but these steps help.

Download an app that helps you get on Fiji time while you fly. There are some great mobile apps out there with information on when to eat, sleep, and relax on your flight in order to sync your body to the time zone in your destination.

Drink lots of water on the plane and avoid overly salty foods. These steps will keep you feeling fresh those first few days. Finally, reset your watch to your destination’s time zone on your way to the airport and treat the time at the airport and in the air as if you are already living by that new time of day.

#3: Fight Dehydration Throughout Your Trip

Fiji is hotter and more humid than most places in North America and Europe. Often, the sun is also more intense and the afternoon heat can be a surprise to people arriving from colder climates. Yet, the upside of this warmer weather is that the ocean water stays warm all year long, creating the ideal conditions for swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving.

While on dry land, you can fight the impact of Fiji’s warmer climate by drinking a lot of water. In your everyday life, you should try to drink 2.5 liters of water, while in Fiji you will want to drink three liters or more. At Raiwasa, you’ll find an unlimited supply of bottled Fiji water throughout your stay.

#4: Make Use of the Yoga Mats at Raiwasa

Stretching can heal a multitude of issues that may plague your body while on a Fiji vacation. Simply by hitting the mat each morning for a sun salutation and downward facing dog, you can better combat the effects of flying, increased physical activity, and intake of alcohol. You’ll also limber up for the day ahead.

Plus, when your yoga mat is unrolled on the Raiwasa veranda, overlooking the South Pacific, it is hard to deny that a little stretching and moving meditation is also good for your soul.

#5: Treat Yourself to a Healthy Diet

The beauty a Fiji vacation is the opportunity to try a vast array of new foods and flavors. However, not all foods in Fiji are ideal for your health and wellness. Some of the country’s favorite foods are high in calories and carbohydrates. Plus, you’ll find that most of the beach bars and waterside eateries in Fiji serve standard bar fare that is deep-fried at some point or another. While these foods all taste great, the repercussions are aren’t conducive to a healthy vacation.

Instead, trade these fatty foods for the incredible and balanced five-course meals served at Raiwasa Private Resort. Our in-house chef creates delicious and indulgent dishes that are still health conscious. Each course is perfectly balanced between flavor, experience, and nutrition, so that you can eat right, while you eat your way through Fiji’s most famous foods.

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