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8 Mobile Apps That Can Make Your Fiji Travel (and Entire Trip) Easier

Starting to plan your trip to Fiji? If so, you already know that there are a lot of reservations to make and details to consider. Some of us take one look at this to-do list for Fiji travel and immediately contact a travel agent, but for many other people the adventure of planning a vacation is part of the entire experience.

Luckily, the internet and mobile apps are making the process of planning an international vacation easier than ever. At Raiwasa Private Resort, we’ve picked eight of our favorite travel apps that will help you prepare and execute a vacation to our beautiful island of Fiji.

#1: Start Planning with Travel Math

Travel Math is designed to help you calculate every aspect of your trip. Whether you want to know the distance between two cities, the duration of a particular flight path, or compare hotel prices, this app can do it. Basically, if your Fiji travel involves numbers in any way, shape, or form then this is the mobile app you need.

#2: Consolidate Information with Google Trips

If you’ve ever spent 15 minutes looking for a hotel reservation or flight confirmation, then you know the pain of disorganized trip planning. And it is such a pain, which is why we are lucky the internet has made it easier to save all your documents, bookings, tours, and other information in a single place. Google Trips essentially acts as a personal travel assistant. You can consolidate every email, text message, note, or screen shot into one place, organized by day or specific destination, for the easiest way to keep track of your Fiji travel details.

#3: Pack Your Bags with Pack Point

Wondering what to pack for Fiji in July? Maybe your Fiji travel is in January, and you are worried about having enough rain gear or outdoor clothing? Pack Point gives you guidelines on the necessary and suggested items you need in your suitcase. You can personalize the destination, length of stay, reason for travel, and time of year, then Pack Point uses weather information and an extensive database to help you decide what you’ll need while away.

#4: Pick the Perfect Seat with Seat Guru

The interior and layout of airliners is always changing. When you jump on a Fiji Airways flight in 2018, you’d be surprised to find that the interior looks nothing like it did in 2013. These upgrades are sometimes in favor of passengers and comfort, but other times not so much. Staying on top of these changes and selecting seat accordingly, particularly on the long flight required for Fiji travel, can make for a much smoother trip – and Seat Guru will make sure you never end up in a seat with limited recline.

#5: Reset Your Schedule with Jet Lag Rooster

If you are hit hard by jet lag, then the start of your Fiji travel can be difficult, even a nightmare. You can beat the sleepy afternoons and 2:00 am wake-up calls by adjusting your internal clock while you travel to Fiji. Jet Lag Rooster looks at your flight time, normal sleep schedule, and helps you create a battle plan to fight jet lag. You’ll receive an hour-by-hour itinerary that should help alleviate the impact of a substantial time change.

#6:Navigate with CityMaps2Go

The true extent of CityMaps2Go capability is tested in a European city like Rome or Budapest, where winding streets and small laneways dominate the landscape. However, this is one app that is useful no matter where you go. You can download maps of cities, towns, and other locations while at home or on Wi-Fi, then access those maps and utilize GPS, while on the go. Anytime you travel without access to the internet, you’re going to want this option on your phone.

#7: Conquer a Work Catastrophe with LogMeln

The LogMeln app can come in hand at any time or place, but it’s capabilities for overseas travel are fantastic. This sneaky app allows you to access a desktop computer or laptop from your phone. You can grab any document from your home or work computer, even when you are sitting poolside, overlooking the ocean, cocktail in hand, and thousands of miles away from the office.

#8: Return to the U.S. Quickly with Mobile Passport

Immigration enforcement and border control in the U.S. wants to cut your wait time at customs and immigration, and the agencies have tried a number of options to do so. For example, you can apply for Global Entry to sail through TSA and jump the line at border control. There are also electronic systems in place in most international airports today, and now you can download Mobile Passport of an even easier experience.

This app, available only for U.S. citizens, takes you through the entire immigration process right on your phone. As it isn’t a popular or well-known option yet, you’ll find yourself through immigration and to baggage claim in a matter of minutes.

More Tips of Fiji Travel

If you are in need of advice or information about your Fiji travel, feel free to contact our staff at Raiwasa Private Resort. We are happy to answer questions about your packing list, travel time, and even arrange most details of your vacation.