Six Proven Benefits of Spending Time on the Fiji Islands and Other Ocean Destinations

They say the ocean can heal you. After a bit of digging into the apparent benefits of living close to the water, we are inclined to say that they are right. Research shows that people who live near the ocean live longer, are happier, and enjoy a whole host of health benefits compared to their peers living in other locations.

It turns out, even small doses of the simple, salty, island life can cure certain ailments and illnesses. Remain unconvinced that a trip to the Fiji islands and Raiwasa Private Resort could help you be healthier than when you arrived? We have six reasons that will help you believe otherwise.

#1: Improves Complications from Asthma and Bronchitis

People who have breathing complications and problems should flock to the Fiji islands. Why the rush to reach the waves? It turns out that the salty air of the ocean is excellent for your respiratory system. Actually, breathing in that sweet smell of the ocean is shown to improve some pretty complicated respiratory problems, including asthma and bronchitis. Studies also show that salty air can improve sinus pressure and alleviate cold symptoms.

Plus, it seems you don’t need to spend a lifetime near the water to reap these benefits. Improvements to respiratory problems were apparent after just 24 hours at the beach. You’d have a whole week with our stunning property at Raiwasa all to yourself, which is plenty of time to notice some true improvements.

#2: Take a Dip for Your Immunity

A swim in the ocean will make you happy. There is pure pleasure in feeling weightless in the ocean’s beautiful, blue depths, but it turns out that a morning swim can also keep you healthy. Studies show that swimming in the ocean can lead to a strong immune system. The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in the ocean have both an antibiotic and antibacterial impact, which can help you fight diseases and bacteria.

Luckily, Raiwasa is located along Taveuni’s incredible cliffs and just below the property is your own private beach. It’s the perfect place to start a brisk swim or go for a snorkel in the morning, especially considering that could keep you healthy for the entirety of your trip to the Fiji islands.

#3: Making Moves for Better Circulation

It is incredibly important to have healthy circulatory and cardiovascular systems. These bodily processes are responsible for the movement of oxygen-rich blood from the heart, to the organs, through the extremities, up to the brain, and back again. A poor circulatory or cardiovascular system is closely tied to a number of other health issues and complications, including heart disease and high cholesterol.

Well, incredibly the ocean can improve the rate of blood circulation throughout the body. According to the people that practice thalassotherapy, or seawater therapy, swimming in salt water restores a number of minerals to the body that are lost during everyday activities. When there are a higher number of these minerals, the circulatory system and heart are able to operate more effectively.

#4: Be Rid of Overly Dry Skin

It might seem counterintuitive that swimming in the salty ocean is actually a good way to increase the moisture in your skin, but science tells us that this somewhat unexpected fact is true. People that spend more time in the ocean, although this can be counteracted by too much time in the sun, have a higher amount of moisture in their skin.

What causes this increase in moisture and radiance? There is a lot of magnesium in ocean water. When you float, swim, or snorkel in the ocean this magnesium seeps into your skin and promotes the production of natural oils and other moisturizers. The result is that beautiful beach glow that can only come from a day in seawater.

#5: What About Positive Effects of Sand?

It turns out that salt water isn’t the only reason a visit to the Fiji islands is good for your health. Spending some time on the sand can also lead to some pretty great health benefits. One of the top health benefits is written all over your face and skin. Sand is an excellent exfoliator. As the sand comes into contact with the skin it helps remove dead skin cells, increase blood circulation to your face and skin, and leaves you with a glowing complexion.

#6: Treat Your Cuts, Scrapes, and Small Wounds

Earlier we mentioned that the salt and other properties of ocean water are really great for your immune system. A big reason that salt leads to immunity improvement is that it is antibacterial. Which had researchers thinking, what other immunity benefits can be achieved through salt?

The salt of the Fiji islands is phenomenal for healing cuts and scrapes. Not only will the antibacterial properties keep these wounds from becoming infected or sore, salt can also help the wounds heal faster.

Time to Take a Trip

With this multitude of health benefits from being on the Fiji islands or other ocean destination, you can’t really afford not to book a flight and head straight to Raiwasa. You’ll find our incredible team ready and waiting to make sure you spend plenty of time relaxing in Fiji’s healing waters and enjoying the natural beauty of the incredible island we call home.