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Fiji Holiday Packages

Luxury Villas in Fiji are a great way to kick back and spend any holiday celebration, either with your sweetie, family, friends, or even riding solo. From honeymoons, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, and family vacations, the 300+ islands of Fiji have been a top-choice for thousands who visit every year.

These luxury destinations need little excuse, but if you’re needing the best chance to get out there and see the tropical magic for yourself, consider one of the many Fiji holidays deals out there!

5 Benefits Of Fiji Holiday Package Deals

While most of the deals are available for the winter, holiday-packed months require registration during the summer. You still have time to get in on some of the exclusive deals and exciting offers for Fiji vacations during the popular holiday months.

Here are the 5 five reasons you should spend the holiday season at Fiji enjoying the beach, the tropical climate, and the festive natives.

1. Cheaper Flights

Bundling your flights, both to the destination and the return trip, with your resort of choice can save you upwards of thousands of dollars. Many airlines and resorts will work together to create excellent, limited time only deals and packages for hopeful vacationers. You could save some serious money by looking into these flight deals and choosing a participating resort.

2. Opportunity For Better Lodging At Resorts

Though some of the best, most desirable luxury resorts and villas in Fiji are booked and far too expensive for your budget, the holidays promise a different story completely. Many of the favorite spots and highest rated experiences are cheaper through the holidays if you choose one of their all-inclusive holiday packages.

3. Potential For Finance Plans

There isn’t always finance plans available for regular funding for Fiji trips. If there is, they usually require a lot of money upfront, which isn’t always possible. During holiday package deals, anything is possible!

4. Fun Festivals And Activities On The Islands

Visiting during the fun months of holidays can give you a really interesting island experience, too. Some resorts may have a “Christmas at Fiji” theme, and even the locals get a little involved with the celebrations. There is fun activites and great, inexpensive deals on many tourist attractions!

5. Escape Cold, Icky Weather

What’s a better way to wait out the snowy, nasty weather back home than by basking by the beach in the sunny climate of Fiji? From the many islands, swimming zones, water activities, and relaxing ways to spend the normally chilly months, you’ll be far from winter blues.

Fiji During The Holidays

Christmas celebrations in Fiji are different from the states or the ways other countries celebrate. Fireworks, large familial celebrations, feasts, and festivals are held to celebrate in authentic, native style.

Want involved? You’ll need to schedule your luxury vacation for late December or early January! The Fiji natives celebrate the holidays for 4 weeks straight. There is lots of dancing, singing, feasting, and playing in the weeks before and after Christmas, ending in their New Years celebration.

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