Fiji All Inclusive: Get Your Best Night’s Sleep at Raiwasa

The stress and commitments of daily life often impede on our sleep schedule. It isn’t uncommon for a CEO, entrepreneur, or other executives to be significantly behind on sleep. Therefore, a good night’s rest while on vacation is extremely important. At Raiwasa, we’ve taken that into account and carefully designed guest rooms that cater to a good night’s sleep in paradise.

Our design team thought of everything from room temperature and lighting, to bedside tables and where to unpack. Then, there are the soft, plush beds themselves. Two clouds that make it hard to leave, even as the ocean beckons just beyond the glass. We took special care in crafting these beautiful guest rooms, and in this blog post, we highlight the features that are most beloved by our team and past guests.

Invite the Outdoors In, Without Any Discomfort

One of the great joys of a Fiji all inclusive is spending a significant amount of time outdoors. You can enjoy breakfast along the beach or dine under the stars for dinner. Whether you are reading your book or sipping a cocktail, the veranda at Raiwasa is a fantastic covered and outdoor option. We wanted to ensure the bedrooms in our private villa retained an element of Fiji’s natural beauty. After all, no one wants to feel isolated from the stunning tropical scenery.

To achieve the balance of outdoor feel, without the discomforts of open-air guest rooms, Raiwasa turned to spacious floor plans, gigantic windows, sliding glass doors, and natural color schemes. We brought the look and feel of beautiful Taveuni while ensuring mosquitos and other insects, humidity, and other outdoor discomforts remain beyond your bedroom.

High Ceilings for Lofty Dreams

In designing Raiwasa’s beautiful guest rooms at our Fiji all inclusive, we felt it was essential to create a breezy, light atmosphere that could match the soft, tropical air and relaxing views over the South Pacific. We ensured there was plenty of natural light and morning sunshine if you want the curtains open, but also created guest rooms that are best described as spacious.

You’ll have the space to unpack and make yourself at home in these large rooms and also spread out without stepping over a partner’s clothes or personal items. And our high ceilings are the perfect accompaniment to your lofty dreams of a stunning Fiji vacation.

Wake Up to Our Honeymoon Shower

Extensive thought and planning went into the design of Raiwasa’s two bedrooms, but a constant favorite among guests is the outside, honeymoon showers. Both of our gorgeous bathrooms incorporate indigenous plants and sleek fixtures into a luxurious outdoors experience.

High walls and extensive foliage provide all the privacy you need for a morning shower or to take a long bath truly among the tropics. Not only is this one of Raiwasa’s most romantic features, it is also incredibly indulgent. The idea of a shower among the jungle could even be your reason to get out of bed in the morning.

Rejuvenating Views From Your Room

Our two guest rooms offer very different views of Fiji’s natural beauty. From the master bedroom, you can throw open the doors and greet the crystal clear, blue ocean. This unique guest room has direct access to the villa’s deck and one of the world’s best cliffside views.

In contrast but no less impressively, the view from our second guest room features Raiwasa’s lush, on-site garden. The vibrant jungle around your private villa truly separates Raiwasa from another Fiji all inclusive property. Filled with some of Fiji’s most famous fruits and colorful flowers, looking over our three-kilometer garden and property is certain to put you in the mindset for a peaceful, rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Book Seven Nights at Raiwasa

Are you in need a truly incredible night’s sleep? How about seven nights of pure relaxation and luxury? Then it is time to book your stay at Raiwasa Private Resort. To learn more about our availability in the upcoming months or to discover some of the other exceptional spaces at our private villa call Raiwasa directly at +1-310-598-2176 or in New Zealand at +64-21-855-304.