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Planning Your Fiji All Inclusive Honeymoon

The date is set and your wedding is around the corner. You already have your heart set on a tropic location, and Fiji is, understandably, at the top of the list. There are plenty of articles out there that will laminate the reasons to choose Fiji for a vacation. From its clear water to the incredible hospitality, Fiji is the perfect place for a romantic vacation. In fact, it is hard to find a reason not to choose Fiji as your honeymoon.

Fiji is beautiful and unique, no matter where you stay in the archipelago. However, at Raiwasa Private Resort, we believe the best way to honeymoon in Fiji is an all inclusive honeymoon destination. It is truly an experience that everyone should have once, and there is no better time in your life to indulge in an unforgettable experience than as newlyweds.

Don’t believe us? These benefits of a Fiji all inclusive honeymoon are sure to convince you!


There Is Nowhere More Romantic


The sheer beauty of Fiji is enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy, but there is nothing quite like the experience of an all inclusive on these islands. This is particularly true when it comes to romance. Secluded swims, candlelight dinners and stargazing without any disruptions are just a few of the experiences that make a private resort or villa the perfect place to fall in love all over again.

Plus, there are few experiences that could compare with the beauty of a Fijian sunset on your private veranda. Without any other visitors or even staff, to interrupt the stunning scene, an all inclusive gives you the unique opportunity to snuggle with your new spouse as the sun goes down.


It’s the Best Way to Reduce the Stress of a Honeymoon


If you haven’t learned it yet, wedding planning can be stressful, very stressful. Even for couples that plan a smaller ceremony, there are still many details to consider. Your honeymoon shouldn’t add to this stress. However, when you book everything individually, from accommodation to activities, the time commitment quickly accumulates, unless you choose a Fiji all inclusive honeymoon.

After you decide on an all inclusive the decisions are done and dusted. There is nothing left to plan, no further decisions to make, and nothing to worry about. You can return your focus to the actual wedding. Not only is this stress-free aspect of an all inclusive important while you plan, it is essential after you arrive.

Many couples are still winding down after a busy wedding day when they arrive in Fiji, if your transportation, activities and other details are taking care of through an all inclusive, you can simply sit back and recover from your big day.


Activities Are Always Spectacular


While couples want plenty of time to relax on a honeymoon, it is also a fantastic time to experience the sights and activities in Fiji. Whether you are looking for time out on the water or want to explore the incredible tropical jungle, at an all inclusive, there is no need to wonder how you will make it happen. The staff takes care of everything from reservations and guides to transportation, leaving your only obligation as having a fantastic time.

Plus, at Raiwasa Private Resort, where you are the only guests, you never need to wait for the kayaks or paddleboards. You can be gliding across the gorgeous Fiji sea at any time of day and whenever you wish.


Privacy Is Easy to Come By


Worried your honeymoon will be compromised by the presence of other guests and visitors?

When you pick the right Fiji all inclusive, this worry disappears. There are a number of all inclusive options that let you have a villa all to yourselves, however very few places where you can have the whole resort just to yourself such as Raiwasa Private Resort. These properties are often stunning homes that overlook the ocean and provide a secluded destination for newly married couples. This total seclusion also means morning breakfast on the veranda whenever you chose (even at 2 pm if you want to sleep in), lounging on the Bali bed by the pool, an afternoon drink overlooking the ocean, and every other experience of your honeymoon can be done in complete privacy.


Book at Raiwasa Today


In a matter of minutes, you can have the perfect Fiji all inclusive honeymoon booked. The staff at Raiwasa Private Resort is ready to handle a reservation or simply answer your questions. Simply visit our website at or call our international reservation numbers at +1-310-598-2167, for the United States, and +64-21-855-304, for New Zealand.